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Your Life. Your Career. Your Terms. A Five-Step Goal-Getting Guide!


By Catherine Corcoran

Happy New Year, Accelerated Artists! I expect that you all had plenty of time to relax and enjoy this time with your loved ones. But this is also a time for reflection. Time to review the successes and struggles of the past year, and set goals for the future of your creative career. Whether your dream is to grace the silver screen in the hottest new Indie Film, or open the Ohio’s premiere Dinner Theatre (cough, cough, Doug Shapiro) here are five steps to help you achieve all of the fantastic endeavors that you are destined to take on in 2015!

Step 1.) Get Specific!
Defining your goals, clearly and in your own language is the first major leap in achieving them. Saying something like, “I will book a role on a new pilot” is a great start. But will your creative self be satisfied with any old pilot at any time in your life? If you will, AWESOME! Move on to the next step.

But most of us have very clear mental images of the careers we want and ultimately deserve. So put it out there- clearly let the world know what you’re after. A goal that is evidently crafted such as “By March 2015, I will land a leading role in a premium network pilot period piece airing on HBO” still counts any pilot goal as a success (because it’s a stepping stone towards your ultimate goal) but it also gives you something to keep running towards- and there in lies the satisfaction. Every day, you can now know what you’re ‘end game’ is and take steps towards achieving that well-deserved victory.

Step 2.) Craft a Game Plan!
List the materials and events that you will need to accomplish to achieve this goal.

WHO do you need to contact? Casting directors, agents? How about that friend who wrote for HBO last season?

WHAT materials will you need to attain your goal? Again, specificity is your friend! Updated Resume? Website? What about that new haircut you’ve been meaning to revamp your look with? All of these, clearly listed will keep you from feeling like you’re spinning in circles trying to accomplish everything- it’s all listed right in front of you!

Step 3.) Research!
WHAT are some effective tools that have worked for successful people who have accomplished similar goals to your own?

WHERE do you need to be to meet the people on your list? It generally doesn’t go over too well to just show up at a casting directors front door- but you can find what casting workshops they’re teaching, or offer to take a connection out to coffee in exchange for some guidance. Social media websites provide easy platforms to do this with ease and effectiveness. AND Accelerated Artist will be teaching a workshop on exactly how to do just that at the end of the month. BONUS!

Step 4.) Get Out There!
This is where you start crafting your schedule. Planning and setting aside time for what you will accomplish is the only way you will be sure to do it! Everything from that hour on Tuesday you want to revamp your webpage, to the Shakespearian workshop that you’ve been meaning to take. Even that bubble bath you’ve been desperately trying to fit in. Make time for it! This is YOUR life and YOUR career and you deserve to have it happen precisely on YOUR terms.

Step 5.) Track your Progress!
Follow EVERYTHING. From the response rate and opens of your latest newsletter blast, to the feedback that you received from that agent you met last week. Data is knowledge, and the only way that you will learn what works and what doesn’t is by tracking this data.

And sign up for our SOCIAL MEDIA seminar at the end of this month, where we can show you how to do all this and take advantage of free marketing online (so you can really feel like an evil super genius, and achieve your ULTIMATE GOAL of WORLD DOMINATION… oh wait, maybe that was just me?... :/

Onward and Up!

Want to figure out some strategies and techniques to doing this? Reach out to me for a FREE 20 minute consultation and we can start setting up systems that work for you!

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