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This Season of Lights, Remember to Honor the Dark


by Christina Shipp

As both a Be-er and an extrovert, this time of year with all its Holiday parties and festivus cheer is. my. jam. So trust me: I understand how easy it is to get knocked off your career course when you’re shopping for presents for your million friends and family and over-agonizing what to wear at your fifteenth party of the season.

Suddenly, all those bright, shiny goals you forged eleven months ago now have the sheen of a rusty penny. Lesigh. What…Career?

Then the feeling of disappointment… you have failed to meet your expectations.

You realize you’re in exactly the same spot you were in this time last year. And, you should have had more auditions, should have taken those meetings, should have followed up, should have asked for what you want…lalala should should should.

O that tricky insidious Guilt that tears us. But spiraling down that wormhole of self-loathing doesn’t seem to do the trick either. The days are dark…but you don’t have to be.

Enjoy the festivities. Absorb the merriment. Have another glass of eggnog. Optional rum. (Course I’d do bourbon, optional.)

And also: make sure you are scheduling time to hibernate, to incubate, and get closer to self. These dark days of December encourage us to hone in to Spirit, to become interior—because only in the darkness can you truly see the light. These days of longest nights, it is your responsibility to create that light. Turn to your lights. Follow the bright spots.

Stop following the shoulds into darkness by taking pen to page and writing it down.

1.What are your years’ successes. (It’s not the first time you’ve considered it. And this year, do it now. )
2. What is truly a gift in your life?
3. What things cultivate a spirit of your enthusiasm?
4. What is something about yourself that you are grateful for?

Take this time to, yes, celebrate the gifts and loved ones, AND take the time to create a space for yourself. Turn on your light. Tis your season to shine.


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