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Christina Shipp, Branding Stylist + Business Coach

CEO of Accelerated Artist, Christina is strategic and refreshingly direct, and has been working as a one-on-one career coach empowering artists and executives in their presence, packaging, concept, and designfor over 10 years. Passionate in speech, she creates and presents workshops at prestigious studios and training programs like SAG-AFTRA, Spotlight Workshops at CBS Radford, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Columbia College, Relativity Media, Syracuse University, and the much needed Minority and Women’s Leadership Conference. Innovates and facilitates lectures in the subjects of Productivity and Time Management, Intentional Branding and Marketing, and Effective Networking Strategies. With a team on the ground in LA, NYC, Philly, and Atlanta, Accelerated Artist is committed to helping creative professionals achieve branding, marketing, and business skills to effectively compete in the business of entertainment in the Digital Age.



Doug Shapiro, Career Coach NYC

Doug Shapiro, a career coach with Accelerated Artist who has been coaching actors on business since 2008, takes great pride in helping clients master their careers. He is renowned for his ‘FODapalooza’ networking events and monthly e-newsletters. Doug's eight years with Right Management, a company that provides career management services, provided the foundation for his expertise in self-marketing, interviewing and networking techniques. Doug is a guest lecturer on the business of acting at colleges extending from the University of Southern Maine, to Pace University in NYC to Villanova University to Virginia's Shenandoah Conservatory. As a performer, Doug is an expert at creating multiple characters for new musical and voiceover projects and his other work ranges from performing with a fifteen piece 1940’s big band to voicing several characters for Disney’s Finding Nemo: The Musical. Doug graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theater, Vocal Jazz, and Stage Management and has been working steadily in the Boston and New York City markets ever since. His cat is Ricky. His bird is Lucy. His husband is Shawn.


Catherine Corcoran, Career Coach NYC

Originally from Philadelphia, Catherine Corcoran prides herself on her ‘razor-sharp’ sensibility. Now based in New York, Catherine is best known for her staring role in Troma Entertainments' Return to Nuke 'Em High' franchise  (a revamped, reboot of the 1984 cult classic, 'The Class of Nuke 'Em High').  She has been featured in various publications including TIME Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times and Interview Magazine. Her career also includes roles in Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, and MTV Pranks. Catherine has worked under the mentorship of Academy Award Winning director Peter Jackson (The Lovely Bones) and Academy Award Nominated director Josh Fox (Gasland). Much in the vein of her mentors, Catherine is also known for her advocacy for independent art, spearheading Troma Entertainments, 'Occupy Cannes' Campaign and its subsequent documentary.  A long time acting-educator, Catherine aims to combine her clients’ artistic tendencies with innovative systems to ensure ‘accelerated’ success!


Mia Pinchoff, Career Coach LA

Mia grew up in NYC on the Upper West Side - not to be confused with the Upper East Side. They are both upper but one is east and the other is cool. After attending NYU Tisch she started taking classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade where she fell in love. With comedy. After working with Accelerated Artist coach Christina Shipp for over a year, Mia made the move out to LA to continue working in Film/TV. Best decision ever. She is extremely grateful to Christina and Accelerated (so much so that she became a coach!) for providing her with the tools she needed to take control of her career and let go of the anxiety she felt about what she "should" do. Cause if you should on yourself other people will should all over you too (and that’s gross). Mia spends her time creating web content, writing for Film & TV, and still manages to find time for Instagram photoshoots with her tuxedo cats. She loves encouraging clients to think outside the box with their strategy and vision. Let’s create a business plan that is completely unique to you. You are your own small business. You are the boss. Now let's make you the freshest CEO in town! K? k.


Amy Arbizzani, Social Media Maven

Amy is a singing actress and arts educator savvy to sales, marketing & social media since 2012, Accelerating her talents as one of the newest members of our team.  As an AEA member, Amy performed Off-Broadway, toured nationally with THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA (First Broadway), and internationally with TWICE CHARMED (Fairy Godmother) for the Walt Disney Company. She made her small screen debut as epileptic First Lady Ida McKinley in MURDER AT THE FAIR, and filmed many industrials and a few commercials (perhaps most famously touting Empire Carpets). An Illinois native, Amy won a Jeff award for her portrayal of Lucille Frank in PARADE.  With an MA in Elementary Education & BFA in Music & Theatre, Amy is a firm believer in arts education, and has served as administrator, academic & performing arts educator for a variety of schools, theatres and businesses for over 15 years.

Wendy Elizabeth Abraham, Office Manager

Wendy is thrilled to be a part of the Accelerated Artist team. She's a fierce, problem-solving, gate-keeping Mama Bear. Shell berate you the entire time she's getting you out of a jam. You'll still call her though, because she gets it done!  Wendy sees every experience as an opportunity to grow as an artist. There is nothing she is unwilling or incapable of tackling. Wendy continues to enrich her craft and loves to be a part of LA Theater, film and TV.



Siobhan Doherty, Graphics Designer

Siobhan Doherty is a master of making stuff – all kinds of awesome, delightful, and very specific stuff. As an Actor, Siobhan makes characters like the warm-hearted Ophelia in the nationally acclaimed Hamlet Project, and the fiercely intelligent Catherine in Proof. As a Writer and Executive Producer, she's making the upcoming webseries, Super(fluous), about superheroes in a world filled with superheroes. As one of the lead singers of the Irish Band, Dannsair, Siobhan writes songs and has toured Ireland, Canada, and Barcelona. She makes graphic designs to support the amazing team at Accelerated Artist, and she likes making degrees appear on her wall – as an alumna of PCPA and UC Berkeley, and a recent graduate from UC Irvine with an MFA in Acting. In her everyday life, she likes making tea, making fun, and making time to read.