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Are you suffering from the "Summertime Slacker Syndrome"?

By: Megan McDermott, NYC Accelerated Artist Career Coach

Are you suffering from the "Summertime Slacker Syndrome"?  I get it! It's warm out! July 4th fireworks, BBQ's, and the glasses of rose are abound! Okay, so take the holiday, you probably need it and you DEFINITELY deserve the rest and relaxation! Rejuvenate and then kick your career in gear!

What are some action steps you can take to reboot your upcoming season?

1. Research! Now is the time. Get that season overview and the theatrical index and start planning for your upcoming theatre season. Make a list of those passion parts and find out when and where they are being produced? Perhaps you even go so far as to self- tape songs and sides for submissions!

2. Episodic Research. What shows are you dying to be on? Which ones are you totally right for? Now is the perfect time to take a break and do some research in the form of series bingeing! You are off, but still have the opportunity for discovery!

3. Social Media Revamp. Get your presence out there and share your summer explorations. Post about what you are seeing/reading/listening to and what adventures you are having! Put your artistic energy out into the world.

4. It’s the perfect time to rework your website and reel in a brand centric way!

5. Fitness! Get that summer bod in bangin’ shape!

6. Do a Monologue/Song Book Repertoire Re-do! Be strategic – make sure your material fits your brand, suits your goals, and that you LOVE it!

7. Create a vision board - what does next season look like, the season of your dreams? Really imagine it and then visually create it so you can see it every day! This will help you make changes to up your game, shift old habits, and realize your dreams! Put it out there in the universe so it can come back to you!