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by @MiaPinchoff

Let’s talk social media. Whether you’re jumping for joy because you dig it or you pooped your pants because you hate it - keep reading! This article isn’t about liking Twitter, or telling you that you should be on Vine - it’s about how you can use social media to promote you and your work. Many actors don’t like taking headshots but they all have 'em #amiright? You wouldn’t walk into an audition and tell the Casting Director you didn’t prepare the sides because you weren't “into it.” Social media is a thing! [LOUD NOISES]Accept it, take a deep breath,and use it to your advantage! #BOOM


Many people get stressed out and overwhelmed when it comes to all the different platforms, ways of interacting, posting, sharing etc. The best way to avoid a social media breakdown is to create a STRATEGY. Strategy allows you to build a structure and then effortlessly plug into it, giving you some breathing room. Having a structure removes emotions those for auditions 'mkay? When you start thinking strategy, long/short term goals, audience, you can unload any unwanted Social Media baggage. That being said, you don’t need to go make 100 profiles and keep them all up and running 24/7. That’s crazy #unnecessary.

Start researching different platforms and apps. Play around with some of them. See what other people use them for and what each site allows you to do. Are you a writer? Do you make web content? Actor? Singer? Director? What kind of content do you have and who is your targeted audience? If you make sketches you probably want to have a YouTube channel where you post videos. If you’re a writer maybe you want to start a blog and use Twitter to post about your blog getting more fans to the blog and simultaneously grow your twitter following.

#GimmeMore @BritneySpears

A great way to get the most mileage from one piece of material is to find ways tore-purpose it to work across multiple platforms. For example, you made a 3 minute YouTube video that goes up on your channel. Let’s say you also use Facebook, now you can share a link to your Youtube video on Facebook. Boom. #Easy You’re already sharing across 2 platforms. You will start getting more YouTube followers from your Facebook followers that watch the video and vice versa. Oh, you like that?You want more? You can cut that 3 minute video into many shorter 7 second videos to post on @Vine. Now you’re one YouTube/Facebook/Vine with very little extra work. Vine has a function to share your post immediately to Twitter/Facebook -so by posting ONE Vine you can have a video on Vine/Twitter & Facebook.

Getting too emotional? Check this out:

1 Youtube video = 1 Facebook Video + 25 Vines + ∞ Tweets #math

Of course there are many other platforms that may suit your specific interests/content/audience better, these are just a few examples. Find one that works for you and then pick one or two other complimentary sites you can easily use to re-purpose material and cross promote.


You don’t have to post everyday. You don’t have to do anything. There is no right way to do social media, there are a million. Create a schedule - when will you post? How many times a week? On what day? At what time? Is your audience primarily east coast or west coast? Once you make a schedule - be consistent. Try this schedj' for a good chunk of time before deciding if it works or not. It can take time to build an audience and to see results. If you change up your strategy too often and too soon you will never be able to properly asses your results aka #inconsistent. If you were one of the people that wanted to vomit when you read the words Social Media - you might want to schedule out your posts for the week or even the month. Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance, so you can sit down once a week/once a month and create as many posts as you like. You can also use an app like @Hootsuite to help you organize multiple platforms and coordinate scheduling multiple posts. This way you don’t have to be attached to your phone or constantly checking a dozen profiles on a dozen websites.


A great way to build an audience and to maintain the one you have is to interact. Get SOCIAL! It is called Social Media - just sayin'. If someone comments on your YouTube video - respond! Watch a video on their channel and comment, or follow them. If someone tweets at you, tweet back! Be mindful to keep your responses real, honest, and in your voice. This will help you share and solidify your brand on the interwebs! If someone follows you, shares your link, comments on your pictures etc -give em a high five! Let them know that you appreciate them as a fan. This will encourage them to stay engaged and come back for more. The internet can feel disconnected but it doesn’t have to. Communicating genuinely with your audience is a great way to create a deeper connection. Again, you don’t have to do this everyday. Give yourself a schedule, boundaries, structure. Maybe once a week you shout out all your new followers, or once a month you create a Vine for all your new fans, or once a week you respond to as many comments/tweets that you can in an allotted amount of time. It’s up to you!

This isn’t #rocketscience - HAVE FUN ;)

The possibilities are endless! What do you like making? What kind of things do you want to post/share. How/when? Get creative. Have fun! You can use these platforms to effortlessly share your brand and voice with the world! What kind of language do you use? Are you an Emoji kinda person? Punctuation? Tone? Images? Make sure all your sites/profiles are in YOUR voice. What colors do you use? Do you use the same name across platforms? Use every aspect of the site to make you pop. How can you use the bio to give people a sense of your vibe? Is your profile pic brand centric? Is your picture consistent? Do you want it to be? There is no right answer - as long as you have a badass #REASON. #PURPOSE. #STRATEGY.

You may not love social media but there are a TON of peeps out there that do. [Yes, a TON #science] Agents. Directors. Casting Directors. Writers. Producers. Animators. Film Festival coordinators. Bloggers. No more excuses. You are a small business. You are the CEO. It’s your job to get the word out!

Share your work.
Build a network.
Create your own buzz.
Promote other people & their work.
Grow your audience.

See ya on the interwebz!

Ballz to the Wall,
Accelerated Artist “Baddass” Career Coach
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