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  • SIX WAYS to say “Thank You” on Social Media in Less than SIX MINUTES!

     By Catherine Corcoran, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    At Accelerated Artist, we have the pleasure of being able to share our content with students studying in conservatories and colleges all over the country- and we LOVE it! It is beyond incredible to connect with so many talented artists at so many different stages of their creative careers.Not being far removed from the collegiate system myself- undergraduate students particularly perk my excitement as their hunger and determination is at an unmatchable high… and it sho...  Read More...

  • I can haz career plz?

    by Chris McGahan, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Ya’ll know what a meme is? You should. If you have ever been on Facebook, you’ve seen one. Hell, the internet was built on porn and memes.  BUT DID YOU KNOW, that 


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