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SIX WAYS to say “Thank You” on Social Media in Less than SIX MINUTES!


By Catherine Corcoran

At Accelerated Artist, we have the pleasure of being able to share our content with students studying in conservatories and colleges all over the country- and we LOVE it! It is beyond incredible to connect with so many talented artists at so many different stages of their creative careers.

Not being far removed from the collegiate system myself- undergraduate students particularly perk my excitement as their hunger and determination is at an unmatchable high… and it should be. You have a world of opportunity at your fingertips. You are so filled with technique and passion for your craft that you practically overflow with enthusiasm. This fervor is brilliant, contagious and necessary as it will be the force that propels you forward throughout the rest of your career.

However, with this excitement can also come some serious neglect. Perhaps not to your creative or personal self, but often to those who work with and support you. You can be so eager to audition for a role that you forget to thank the reader or even the casting director who pushed so hard to have the director consider you. Or you can be so busy rehearsing for your upcoming show that you forget to thank your friends and family who bought tickets or shared the event on social media.

This isn’t intentional behavior; of course you are grateful to those who support your artistic journey. But life becomes chaotic, and amidst all of your plate-juggling, you feel like you don’t necessarily “have the time” to thank everyone the way you may like to. Well, Accelerated Artists, I’m here to tell you that is simply not the case. Gratitude can be worked into your schedule as routinely as you check your Instagram account and I’m here to help you do it!

Here are SIX WAYS to say “Thank You” on Social Media in Less than SIX MINUTES!

1.) Give someone a shout-out on Twitter. It’s an easy way to share and promote the work that you are doing while also building up others.

“#ShoutOut to @paulwebercd for a #killer audition today. Always a pleasure seeing you! #CastingSwag ”

2.) Share a post. This is a one-click step that takes less than two seconds but not only supports the person who originally posted the content but is a way for you to be of service to others. Your retweet may have just put someone’s KickStarter on the right investors radar to help achieve their goal. Put that good energy out there so that your creative community will want to return the favor when you are in need of some support!

3.) Post a fun team photo on Instagram with a thank you message to your agent the next time you stop by the office to drop off new press materials. Show them that you appreciate all of their hard work. #Squad.

4.) Endorse someone on LinkedIn. This is another simple one extra click while browsing through your own account. Show your support of others abilities and they will show support towards yours!

5.) Feature someone with a link to his or her website. Have a friend whose kicking butt right now? Tell the world how proud you are of their success! Chances are, they’ll be proud to share your success as well.

@JoshFox ‘s always inspires me. Check out his latest documentary short here:

6.) Thank your followers when you reach a milestone. Whether an award for your latest project or just the fact that you’ve reached 1,000 followers, those who support you will see your post and appreciate that you took the time to express how much you appreciate them.

So THANK YOU, internet community, for taking the time to check out my article. Cheers to your own success going forward! Full Speed Ahead!

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