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Schedule yourself Towards your Super-Hero Potential!


By Catherine Corcoran

Whether or not you incorporate it into our act, artists must all practice the craft of "juggling." Between the various projects you take on, your side-jobs, rehearsal schedules, family-life, meetings, performances, auditions (I could keep going); the hats you wear are endless.

This is because, as artists, you inherently are also your own small business owners. A business wherein you are the CEO, public relations expert, marketing head, project manager, head of sales and the product wrapped all into one tiny human being. However, your stature does not limit what you can accomplish. In fact, recent studies indicate that human beings have enough potential energy inside of them that, when maximized, can be the equivalent of a power source able to sustain a city the size of Chicago for over a week (heck yeah, super-hero!).

So the question is, how do you tap into all of this potential in order to grow your business? A great place to start is by optimizing your time management. While it's energy potential is huge, your brain can only fully focus on two to three tasks at a time without going into overwhelm. And with all the roles you must play, as artists and small business owners you simply must accomplish more than that in your daily lives. Luckily, we live in the age of the smart phone, and there are a ton of ways to utilize this technology to help grow your business, and organize your day-to-day schedule. Think of it as the side-kick to your inner super-hero, a robin-bot to your bad, bat-self ;).

To help you get started, here's a list of five affordable, and easy to access apps to help you organize your thoughts, schedule the tasks that you need to accomplish, and begin to kick your super-hero self into high-gear!

1.) iCal and Google Calendar.
We at Accelerated Artist are HUGE fans of this one because one of the two will come with your smart phone. Time management is so critical to business success, so work that schedule! Designate time for tasks that you must accomplish throughout the day (meetings, auditions, laundry, etc) as well as "office-hours" for submissions and e-mails, and STICK TO IT! You can even link both Google Cal and iCal so that your Gmail account can easily transfer appointments right to your phone. You'll be surprised at how much you actually do have time for, and what you'll be able to accomplish in that time.

2.) Reminders.
iPhone users, this is another app that comes already installed with your iphone. Its super easy to operate, and ultimately the closest thing to a digital pen and paper. You can create lists, reminders and deadlines for yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly and its super satisfying to be able to check them off as you go!

3.) Google Calendar "To Do List."
Also similar to a pen and paper, this app works very similarly too the Apple "Reminders". It's free to use and easily downloadable to all devices- all you need is a Gmail account and you're good to go. Again, I recommend linking your Gmail to your iCal even if you are an Apple purist. Schedule a session with me and I'll show you how! :)

4.) Evernote.
Often dubbed the "catch-all" app, this handy little guy can compile lists, schedules, web-clippings and tasks all into "notebooks," which can be shared with other Evernote users (hello, minions.) They offer a free monthly plan, but you can upgrade the amount of storage you use for only $5 dollars a month, and access it online if you prefer to work on your lap-top as well.

5.) Remember the Milk.
This is another list-making app that you can sync online as well as on your smart phone or tablet. Remember the Milk consists of three lists, and thinks in the short term (which is great if you constantly find yourself overwhelmed by looking too far down-the-road). The lists are entitled "Today," "Tomorrow," and "Overdue." When you click on each task, you can be directed to other lists, which the app organizes by sub-categories such as "Study," "Personal," "Bills," etc. It will also create a separate list where all of your completed tasks will go (this way you can see your progress, and pat yourself on the back for moving forward!). This is another free account to start, but you can upgrade if you need more storage for only $25 a year.

There are plenty more of these kinds of apps out there, so feel free to explore the market-place and find one that fits for you and your budget! You can also schedule a session with me here, and I'll be happy to get you started so that you can maximize your potential.

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