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Pull On Your Big Kid Pants


by Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Career Coach

Hello Accelerated Artists!

Doug here with some great news.

You’re allowed to make money at your craft.

The work we bring into the world is crucial. We offer perspective. We inspire reflection. We bring our buyers from despair to elation and everywhere in between. Our craft is immense and our gift is life-changing.

You know what?

We deserve to be paid for it. We deserve to be paid well.

So, for now, let’s put aside all the talk the nay-sayers put into our heads. Let’s release our own mental conversations that confirm them. We’ve got a business to run.

Odds are you’ve completed your taxes or are about to do so. Now that the piles of information are in front of you, what better time to start fresh and begin to put financial systems in place for your business?

So, here’s how we’re going to run this. I’m giving you one big call to action to start running the financial end of your business.

The call to action: you’re a business, so it’s time to know how much money you have and how much money you spend. I call this “pulling on your big kid pants.”

Enter a time for this in your calendar now. You’re going to have to embrace this anyway so make this appointment with yourself.

Use this time to devote attention to your finances. Accept that there will be feelings around this. When something comes up, thank the feeling for protecting you and keep going.

What were your fixed expenses for 2015? Rent, subscriptions, cable bills?
What were your variable expenses for 2015? Cell phone bills, groceries, headshots?
Where did your income come from? How much from your art and how much from side careers?

Once you start gathering this data, important patterns start to reveal themselves.

Perhaps your expenses are greater at the beginning of the month than at the end of the month. You can plan a strategy around that.

Perhaps you make more money in the spring and summer than autumn or winter. You can plan a strategy around that.

Perhaps you realize that you’ll need a few hundred more dollars to meet your expenses this month and it’s time to pick up the phone and hustle for work.
You can plan a strategy around that.

Perhaps you only need to put away a specific amount of money more into savings and then you can cut back on hours at the day job.
You can definitely plan a strategy around that.

And, hey look! Finances are no longer a hulking mysterious monster. You know how much you need to bring in by when. You can start making career decisions based on that information.

So, my Accelerated Artists:

Pull on your big kid pants.
Choose to face your financial circumstances.
Embrace and decipher the information.
Start planning accordingly.

You have important work to do. It’s worth it.


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