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Permission to Soar!

by Megan McDermott

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your acting career?
Do you get insecure and feel like you are holding back?

There are most likely a barrage of ways you stand in the way of your own success…do you recognize any of the following limiting behaviors?

● You aren’t motivated to pursue acting and audition opportunities.

● You’re not following through with action steps that get you closer to achieving your goals.

● You break promises to yourself that you know will make your life and career more balanced.

● You are making choices that negatively affect your body—your instrument—and you’re making these choices habitually.

● You find yourself constantly late to appointments…and you’re flaky with scheduling.

● You over-schedule, and therefore always playing catch up, and you’re never able to enjoy life.

● You shy away from sharing your full self because you’re afraid of what “they” might think.

Listen, we get it. Good news? It is not your fault, so if you have a tendency to place blame and beat yourself up, stop it now! All you have to do is take one small step. You’re in control. If you’re stuck and overwhelmed it’s probably because there’s some knowledge out there that you need…and you’re letting the lizard brain take over your headspace.

Get ready to fully commit to your dream career: here’s one thing you can do right now to immediately propel yourself a tiny bit closer to that dream. Make it a daily practice, and you’ll take a soaring leap! Ready?


So often you don’t give yourself permission to really go after what you want and fully express yourself. So, here’s your Accelerated Artist Challenge: choose 3 of the following ways to give yourself more permission and test them out this week when you start to feel overwhelmed or in a downward spiral. Use them as a declaration each morning before you get out of bed, and just before you fall asleep each night.

1. I give myself permission to Breathe. (Breathe!)

2. I give myself permission to fully commit to a bold choice and go all the way in the audition room!

3. I give myself permission to send a self-submission to a director who’s casting my dream job.

4. I give myself permission to quit my day job and end any soul-sucking relationship that isn’t serving me and holds me back from achieving my full potential.

5. I give myself permission to believe that I am truly worthy of the career of my dreams… exactly as I am today.

6. I give myself permission to go to a networking event, share my passions, and make authentic connections.

7. I give myself permission to actually take a break and enjoy personal time…just to be.

8. I give myself permission to LET GO and really GO FOR IT!

9. I give myself permission to play in the big leagues – it is where I belong!

Commit to this practice for one week and see how things shift, what surprises come your way, and how much closer you get to having the life and career you love. We’re re-programming your inner game, so you can manifest your desires here in the outer one.

Also, challenge yourself to choose declarations on the list that are harder for you, that make you feel uncomfortable. Because it’s when you are courageous enough to make shifts in habitual blocks you will take the most leaps forward. So go ahead, Give Yourself Permission to Soar!

Need help breaking down your limiting beliefs and barriers to your outer game of acting success? Give me a ring or click here for a free mini coaching session. Let’s talk out your blocks and get you a strategy for the career you deserve!


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