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  • Permission to Soar!

    by Megan Mcdermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your acting career?
    Do you get insecure and feel like you are holding back?

    There are most likely a barrage of ways you stand in the way of your own success…do you recognize


  • Chase the Yes's + Stop the Knows: Why What You Know is Killing You

    by Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Biz Coach

    3 of the most dangerous words in the English language are: I Know That.Conjure an image of a Know-It-All. Someone who believes they know everything. The person who won’t have an open mind for one second about anything other than their own staunch, rigid opinion or their old, stalemate belief. Got a picture yet?  Now Ask: Do you like that person? Now I want you to picture that Know-It-All person is YOU. Because let’s be real:   Read More...

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