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  • Permission to Soar!

    by Megan Mcdermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your acting career?
    Do you get insecure and feel like you are holding back?

    There are most likely a barrage of ways you stand in the way of your own success…do you recognize


  • Claim Your Space!

    by Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach 


    Last week I was knocked off my feet by phenomenal talent. One of those instances in which their example paves the way to an artistry I can only hope to achieve myself one day.It wasn’t a singer belting to the rafters. It wasn’t an intimate breathtaking performance by a movie actor. It wasn’t a dancer drumming out his story through his tap shoes. It was a Human Resources manager claiming her space. Allow me to explain. I work for an excellent  Read More...

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