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Need A Jump Start?


By Doug Shapiro

Accelerated Artist, prepare yourself for madness.

After all, today is the 47th day of 2015. Are you on track with your goals? You resolutions? Your desires?

Well…we’re going to go a little crazy here.

Just for today, I’m giving you permission to take your Project Manager and toss them out the window.

Why? Because you’re frozen right now—and not in the good ice dress/building castles to a hit song kind of way.

Your brain is crammed with so many possibilities of what you “should” be doing that the methodical Accelerated Artist way of defining, mapping and breaking down goals into actionable tasks is way too overwhelming.

That’s okay. You are where you are. So, we’re going to put aside our business mastery for a moment and hit our career with the electric paddles. CLEAR!

Look, sometimes we just need to prove to ourselves that we can do something, anything, to move our career forward. Once we do that, we see it’s not so scary and then we’re ready to move into a more methodical long-term strategy.

So, just for today, hit that theatre audition even if you’re not completely prepared.

Recite something you wrote yourself on a quick Vine video and post it.

Connect with that director you love on LinkedIn.

Did an e-mail from a meet-the-Industry-person center just pop into your inbox? Pay the $35 and go. (This short-term strategy does NOT apply to 3-week classes or anything over $50)

Take yourself on an artist date tonight. See that movie that features your favorite cinematographer. Hit a comedy club and be re-inspired to bring your stand-up work into the world.

These are small steps for today, Accelerated Artists, and they’re a great tool to prove to yourself that you can step away, take a breath, and then get back in the game.

And when you’re ready to start running your career tomorrow with the business mastery it deserves, we’re here for you.


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