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Mia Pinchoff - Career Coach

"Coaching with Mia helped me take my career to the next level! Working with Accelerated Artist was so beneficial because it allowed me to re-examine my career from a business standpoint. I learned many techniques and tools to market myself in the strongest light possible and I even got to know myself better in the process! Working with Mia was also a lot of fun - she is so personable and passionate for the business, we really connected well! I highly recommend Accelerated Artist for any actor/entertainer that is serious about advancing their career and turning daydreams into opportunities. Thanks again Mia!!" 
-Lauren Bulloch, Actress 

 “I honestly cry with laughter every time I get in a room with Mia. She brings her unique imprint to each of her sessions, and her clients leave each one refreshed with an exact feeling of clarity about every. single. next step. She is a master at crafting killer branded + tightly packaged marketing materials with strategies to get her clients noticed and in the door. Again, and again, and again. Because comedy is funnier in 3's. If you want to cracker jack or kickstart your career into the one of your wildest dreams, have a session with Mia. It'll pump you up."
-Christina Shipp, VP Career Coach + Commercial Actress, Classically Trained NYC+LA


Mia grew up in NYC on the Upper West Side - not to be confused with the Upper East Side. They are both upper but one is east and the other is cool.  After attending NYU Tisch she started taking classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade where she fell in love. With comedy.   

 After working with Accelerated Artist coach Christina Shipp for over a year Mia made the move out to LA to continue working in Film/TV. Best decision ever. She is extremely grateful to Christina and Accelerated for providing her with the tools she needed to take control of her career and let go of the anxiety she felt about what she "should" do. Cause if you should on yourself other people will should all over you too (and that’s gross).  

 Mia spends her time creating web content, writing for Film & TV, and still manages to find time for Instragram photoshoots of with her tuxedo cats. She loves encouraging clients to think outside the box with their strategy and vision. Let’s create a business plan that is completely unique to you. You are your own small business. You are the boss.  Now let's make you the freshest CEO in town! K? k.