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  • MasterMind - Networking & Career Accountability Group

MasterMind - Networking & Career Accountability Group



We are launching our Master Mind session this November to launch you into the career you want! With this Master Mind we will gain clarity on your goals and how to attain them in the most effective way, while networking within the group. Awareness, Clarity, Accountability, and Networking our the purpose of this MasterMind, and will be a game changer in obtaining immediate results in your career as a working artist. Team work makes the dream work! 

This 3-hour weekly session will cap at only 8 participants. 

  • Are you feeling stagnant this back-to-school season and can't find the pilot light to ignite you into action?
  • Don't know what steps to take to build relationships and book the next role?
  • Have you always wanted to have a personal coach, but felt like you couldn't afford it?

Then this Master Mind is for you.

Everyone who is successful in business has either a coach or an accountability group-- a Master Mind--to elevate out of the mire of monkey mind and to tune them into 100% possibility, 100% of the time. Be the success you ARE.

Minimum one month commitment, starting Tuesday, November 7th, consecutive weekly for 4 weeks. 

If you plan on holiday traveling you will commit to a Phone or Google Hangout session.