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LIFE: An Acting 101 Primer- 101b: Communicating


By Chris McGahan

Welcome back! This is part 2 of a series of articles focused around the fundamentals of business success and how, at their core, they are the same skills that we learned in Intro to Acting classes.

101a was Listening. Because a huge part of communication IS listening I would recommend starting there before moving forwards with this article.

Now that we are hearing deeply and fully the world around us, it’s time to communicate our message outwards.

In Acting 101, Communication is very simple and straightforward. You have a need that is not being met, either physical or emotional, and you have a burning drive to have it fulfilled. You, as an actor, may try a lot of different tactics- lashing out, cajoling, flirting, manipulating- but you are pushing towards one single objective: To communicate that need, have the communication received, and to then have that need filled by absorbing the information being communicated back to you.

It’s so very basic, isn’t it?

And it so strongly reflected in life. In life, you have a need that is not being met, either physical or emotional, and you have a burning drive to have it fulfilled…. So you COMMUNICATE that need out to the people around you.

And we do it all the time, without even thinking about it, in our day to day life. It’s not just second nature, it’s nature-nature. And yet, as artist-come-business owners, we stop ourselves from communicating effectively all the time. Perhaps you assume you have nothing to offer in return and are embarrassed. Perhaps you think you are above the base demands of business-ness, and assume your art will speak without your steering and crafting it’s voice. Perhaps you have been too busy talking about yourself to actually communicate…. Whatever the reason, many artists and actors have let this communication muscle go soft.

Communicating with the world around you is integral to your success as an artist & business owner. You need to communicate your brand, your desires, your strengths… and you need to communicate them all clearly and succinctly. When you are asking for help- through connections to set up meetings, or members of your support team to get better auditions, or the strangers you are meeting at a networking event- you need to COMMUNICATE clearly what you want and why it will be of value to both you and the person whose help you are seeking.

So what are you communicating now? Is that the message you WANT to be communicating? How are you crafting your communications to effectively move you to playing in a bigger game?


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