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  • Killer Headshot Prep - Download

Killer Headshot Prep - Download



Are your headshots not getting you called in?

Do you never feel like you get the right headshot?

Do people tell you're more attractive than your photo?

Let's change that!

 With this Video & Worksheets  you will:

  • Discover the 4 KEY components to getting the shot that sells YOU! 

  • Learn a step by step system in crafting your shot list that works every time!
  • Get an example PDF of a shot list and a blank one to develop your own!
  • Finally understand why what you've been doing has not been serving you and have a plan of action to change that.

    ..........And you will get access instantly!

This video is truly a game-changer in getting your main marketing tool to work for you. If you want a picture you can take to the bank, you've got to plan for it. 
No more hoping and praying you'll at least get one good shot. No more giving all your power away in your headshot session. No more just trying to get a shot where you look super attractive!

Learn how to collaborate with your photographer and get the shot YOU want. 
Your agents and managers will love you for it.