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  • 5 Things to Consider Before RE-Shooting Headshots

    by Amanda Tudor, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    So it’s time to update the old headshot…before you do anything consider these 5 things (or check out the guide to headshots HERE):1. Get Specific About Brand -Before you book the photographer, start picking out clothes and practicing in the mirror, start to think about who you are and how your picture can communicate that. What other actors do you relate to?   Read More...

  • Fandom and Brandom-Cheering in your Colors

     By Chris McGahan


    Hey there sports fans! If you’re like me, you grew up in a state that didn’t have any professional sports teams, and so your loyalties sort of blew in the wind, depending on what teams from other states were doing well that year. Or maybe you like to pick perennial losers because people are less likely to accuse you of being a fair-weather fan.

  • The Goal of a Great Headshot is not to Look Perfect, but to Show your Personality

    By Jack Smart, Backstage


    In Stephanie Girard’s headshot studio, perfection is relative. “The goal of a great headshot is not to look perfect, but to show your personality,” says the photographer. “You want the person looking at your photo to have an emotional connection to you. They should feel that they know you or want to meet you.”


  • The Most Common Headshot Mistake

    by Vanie Poyey


    Hey look at me and how pretty I am.  That’s what I see in headshots over and over again.  And over and over agents ask actors to re-shoot their headshots.  Why?  Because though pretty, their headshots lack personality.  It’s simple really.  Unless


  • How to Alleviate your Headshot Anxiety

    by Vanie Poyey


    Have you ever seen a friend’s headshot, fallen in love with the picture, asked who the photographer is and made an appointment with that photographer only to get mediocre results and worse yet, a bad experience?  I hear that st...  Read More...

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