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  • Do You Want to Cry on Cue?

    by Patricia Angelin 


    Actors frequently come to me because they want the ability to “cry on cue.”

    Can I help with that? Well…yes. Will you be able to produce salty water from your eyes on-demand? That depends upon 


  • Do You Stand out?

    by Sam Christensen


    A successful career in the arts and especially in the performing arts is difficult to think about as a product. After all, a human being is involved. Such a career is usually the result of a life-long desire to tell stories to an audience. I’ll bet that wanting to be on the stage or the screen is featured in your earliest memories. Sometimes there is support from your friends and family, sometimes not. The preparation necessary to an actor is specific and requires

  • What are the similarities and differences of your commercial and theatrical audition reads?

    by Terry Berland 


    You can make your commercial reads come alive with a feeling of connection by following my teaching approach that a commercial has some of the same elements as a short scene.  A short scene might have ten words or three or four lines.  A strong foundational commercial script usually has about ten lines and has a beginning, middle and end, with transitions.  Without getting into how to dissect the script in this article, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences of your commercial and theatrical audition reads.  Similarities:


  • The Goal of a Great Headshot is not to Look Perfect, but to Show your Personality

    By Jack Smart, Backstage


    In Stephanie Girard’s headshot studio, perfection is relative. “The goal of a great headshot is not to look perfect, but to show your personality,” says the photographer. “You want the person looking at your photo to have an emotional connection to you. They should feel that they know you or want to meet you.”


  • How to Keep Yourself on Your Reps’ Radar

    by Diane Christiansen


    Ever feel like you’re missing out on auditions on which your agent or manager could be sending you? Do you watch TV shows, films, or commercials and think, “Hey! Why didn’t I go in for this part?” It may be as simple as not being on your reps’ radar. How to fix that? Whether you’re in Los Angeles, New York, or anywhere in between, read on to find out how!


  • The Most Common Headshot Mistake

    by Vanie Poyey


    Hey look at me and how pretty I am.  That’s what I see in headshots over and over again.  And over and over agents ask actors to re-shoot their headshots.  Why?  Because though pretty, their headshots lack personality.  It’s simple really.  Unless


  • Shortage of Spotlights for Actors


    When I moved to New York in 2003 I had big dreams; acting in Broadway plays, scoring a breakthrough role in a small film, and generally becoming the next Meryl Streep. But after a few humbling auditions, I realized I couldn't pay my rent with my ambition. Just because we make it in New York, doesn't mean we're making it in the ways we planned. And since being


  • Top Tips for a Rockin' Reel

    Accelerated LOVES Kristina Latour, of Latour de Force Productions! She specializes in producing high-quality, custom performance, BRAND Centric reels + clips for film and TV.  Knowing just how important it is for actors to have quality content to showcase who they are and what they do, we sat down with Kristina and asked her a few questions about how to get after some GREAT material for your marketing arsenal. Here's what she had to say:


  • How to Alleviate your Headshot Anxiety

    by Vanie Poyey


    Have you ever seen a friend’s headshot, fallen in love with the picture, asked who the photographer is and made an appointment with that photographer only to get mediocre results and worse yet, a bad experience?  I hear that st...  Read More...

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