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  • Focus on the practical. Tackle the remarkable.

    By Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Business Coach

    Level with me. Let's take a temperature.March is out like a lamb and April is- no foolin'- HERE. Seems like only yesterday we were ringin' in resolutions...where does time go? Pilot season is nearly over, much of the summer stock opportunities are cast... so? How did your audition


  • Chase the Yes's + Stop the Knows: Why What You Know is Killing You

    by Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Biz Coach

    3 of the most dangerous words in the English language are: I Know That.Conjure an image of a Know-It-All. Someone who believes they know everything. The person who won’t have an open mind for one second about anything other than their own staunch, rigid opinion or their old, stalemate belief. Got a picture yet?  Now Ask: Do you like that person? Now I want you to picture that Know-It-All person is YOU. Because let’s be real:   Read More...

  • Don’t Get it Right, Get it Tight

    by Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Biz Coach

    It’s not the last time you’ll hear me say there’s no such thing as Right and Wrong. ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ encourage binary thinking, ignoring any subtleties and variations—not to mention have no relevance when you consider everyone filters information through his or her own perception; one’s definition of right and wrong is therefore completely irrelevant to another. Imagine for a moment the freedom you could have if you let go of your own preconceived notions of what...  Read More...

  • Adulting is Hard

     by Christina Shipp, VP and Biz Coach of Accelerated Artist

     Remember how much you achieved when you were in high school and college? Sure! Good grades—or decent, anyway.   Read More...

  • On Regret, Missed Opportunity + Blooming into a Better You in 2016.

    By Accelerated Artist Veep Christina Shipp

    Here I was yesterday, kicking myself in the foot for missing a Vitacost promotion’s end of year special. I wish you could've heard me, cursing at myself because ‘yet again’ I committed another act of negligence not paying enough attention. Dammit. O! The terrible things I told myself!  I had a huge order queuing up, and was waiting exactly for  Read More...

  • Breakthrough Creative Blocks: Ask the Question 'What If?'

    with Christina Shipp,  Accelerated Artist VP and Business Coach


    What does you perfect career and life balance look like? Is that how you're living these days? Visualizing the 'What If' in your life will help you clear creative blocks and uncover deeper self desires.  Read More...

  • How to win at the game...YOUR way

    with Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Business Coach


     Get hung up on being 'right'? Get stalled out on projects because they're not 'perfect' or good enough?' STOP! Instead of beating yourself up for not doing something the 'right' way, give yourself permission to PLAY.   Read More...

  • Give the People What They Want

      By Christina Shipp, VP and Accelerated Business Coach


    Get to the root of what really matters! Learn how to share strengths and your value-based brand to create an immediate, authentic impact with the people you meet. Set up a session with me and I'll help you get there.   Read More...

  • Healthy Eats On the Go

    by Christina Shipp, VP + Buisiness Coach


    We all could use some extra time and some added nutrients, amiRiiiight? You have a real desire to eat healthy, of course, but do you feel like that there just isn't enough time in the day to prep + plan for healthy food? Well say goodbye to the ‘no time’ woes, nutrition lovers.

  • The top 5 Ways to Ask for What You Want

     By Christina Shipp, VP + Biz Coach Accelerated Artist


    Do you find yourself giving up your personal power or putting entertainment professionals up on a pedestal? Do you throw yourself into the winds of mercy and behave the way you perceive industry types think you ‘should’? Do you cow-tow in agent or producer meetings, and never express your own point of view?

    I challenge you to answer this: what do


  • This Season of Lights, Remember to Honor the Dark

    by Christina Shipp


    As both a Be-er and an extrovert, this time of year with all its Holiday parties and festivus cheer is. my. jam. So trust me: I understand how easy it is to get knocked off your career course when you’re shopping for presents for your million friends and family and over-agonizing what to wear at your fifteenth party of the season.
    Suddenly, all those bright, shiny goals you forged eleven months ago now have the sheen of a rusty penny. Lesigh. What…Career?


  • How Do You Make Your Mark Before You Get on the Ground?

    By Christina Shipp  


    As summer comes to an end and the fall opens up a world of opportunity, I’ve had a rash of clients of late make big decisions about moving away from the city in which they live—either the trek from NYC to LA or LA to NYC (and of course all the many markets in between), because they're ready for a change, either personally or professionally. Change is inevitable and often necessary. So how do you do that with ease and impact?   Read More...

  • How to Act Savvy & Write A Brand-centric Kick-ass, Killer Bio

    By Christina Shipp


    Do you freak every time you’re asked for a Bio? Do you find yourself re-writing it over and over again for every single new project or job-interview? Does the thought of writing content for your or your company’s website ‘Bio Page’ throw you into overwhelm? Fear no more. This article is going to teach you how to write a rockin’ Bio: one you will be proud of and use consistently across all platforms to answer the ever dreaded question, ‘Tell Me About Yourself...  Read More...

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