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I can haz career plz?


by Chris McGahan

Ya’ll know what a meme is? You should. If you have ever been on Facebook, you’ve seen one. Hell, the internet was built on porn and memes.

BUT DID YOU KNOW, that memes were around long before the internet was? No matter what your answer is, I’m going to tell you that they were: It was a rhetorical question.

So, let’s get deep. Ancient Greek deep. Mimetic learning is the transmission of ideas to the masses. We do it now with the internet. Before that, TV. Before that, radio. Before that plays. Before that stories. Before that cave paintings. Before that? I dunno, probably throwing feces at each other.

But, look, fecal based diseases are no laughing matter.

So, really, all memes are, are shared ideas. We used to see them all the time in catch phrases and slogans. “Where’s the beef?” “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin” “I’m Lovin’ It” I could go on. I probably will. Social media sites have made this transition faster than ever- that’s why things “go viral.” The ideas spread from person to person SO DAMN FAST that it’s like a plague unleashed on a major city. Like Contagion, but with cute cats and clever phrases, instead of having to wear a hazmat suit.

What does this have to do with your career? Well, hopefully a whole slew of things! You want to be transmitting ideas, right? By which I mean, you want to have a career where you’re image, your slogans, your ideas, are in common usage? Where you are a household name, or face, and that when people think of you they associate a ton of things with you immediately?

Well, that begins with you, now.

If you’ve ever heard any of us talk at the free preview classes, at the weekends, really, just in general, you’ve heard one or the other us say “it takes, on average, 7 times of receiving a message before someone takes action on it.” Seven times, yo! So, let me use some math on you. I know, I know, but sometimes it needs to happen.

No matter what your goal is, let’s assume for just a moment that you HAVE to get those 7 touches in before you will get there. That you are an average career sample. So, we have 7 touches. And this month, your goal is to make two of those, because you have initiative, you have passion, and because I just shamed you into getting started. So, February 29th comes around (BECAUSE IT’S LEAP YEAR, yo!) and you have done zero touches. How many does that leave us? Well, 7-0=7. So you’ve made no progress. You still have seven touches.

Those touches sitting there, looming over you without taking action? That passivity gets you nowhere. And it gets you nowhere just as quickly as you’d imagine.

So, be the cat. Get the cheezburger. Start today. Be your own career meme. Be “The choice of a new generation.” And “Bring your own good things to life.” Maybe you can even make your career “Good to the last drop.”(See? I told you I would go on!)

Because, if you won’t meme yourself, ain’t nobody else gonna do it for you.

Need some help developing your career meme? Schedule a consult with me today, and lets get you as virulent as we can!


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