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How to Rock Your Packaging… and get Accelerated Results!

By Catherine Corcoran

Listen, I love clothes just as much as the next girl- and I'd be lying if I told you about how I don't revel in the immediate therapy brought on by a killer new pair of shoes. Still, in a business where we feel the constant pressure of judgment surrounding how we present ourselves, that amazing pair of heels quickly can become a much more stressful morning debate.

"Do these make me look too desperate?.. Too cheap?.. Too conservative?" Not to mention the financial burden that comes with purchasing items we love but have little practical use for.

Human beings have been adorning their bodies in various forms of garb to express certain things for centuries. Be it social stature or utilitarian necessity, we wear clothes with an understanding and sense of pride for what we believe a particular item represents or what we would like to express to a particular audience.  And as artists, we are masters of creative expression- so why not use this to our advantage?

I find it's always easiest to work from the brand-side, out. My brand is a complete reflection of who I am and who I would like to be as an artist. It encompasses my achievements and goals as a marketable, tangible entity- so why shouldn't my packaging reflect that?

This is where the fun comes in. Your free within your brand to make these decisions all your own. You wouldn't wrap a chainsaw in purple polka dot wrapping paper would you? Not unless it made sense for your Brand! It's your brand so it's entirely YOUR choice. Be a master of your creative self and help others understand who you are.

What you wear to a meeting or audition is your creative uniform as an artist and through it, you have the opportunity to communicate your own unique message with the ultimate audience- the world around you. It's the creative stance that you already, innately, embody that makes you a valuable and marketable entity worth working with- so do it up! Do all that is your brand and in doing so, do YOU! Because your own style is the best packaging design that you could ever ask for!

Wishing you all the success in the world!

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