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How to Combat Self-Sabatoge + Increase Booking Success!


by Megan McDermott 

Is Your Audition Weasel Sabotaging Your Success?

Ever have a weasel try to invade your mind during auditions? Especially for the roles you really want – those passion parts?

You know, the negative, insecure voice that says things like: “You’re not good enough” or “They will never cast ME” or the dreaded “What are they thinking?”

Sound familiar?

This weasel voice often pops into your head during the most high stakes auditions and prevents you from:

a. Being present and committed to your choices in the moment.

b. Being playful and open in the room.

c. HAVING FUN and enjoying your audition!

After all, it is another opportunity to do what you love most.

So here are some ways you can combat this nasty weasel from keeping you away from yet ANOTHER booking.

1. Create an audition ritual.

Make sure you get enough sleep! Being well rested allows for so much more presence and focus. Eat a solid breakfast and do a great physical and vocal warm up. Use the tools you learned in your BFA/MFA programs- don’t neglect them now that you are playing the big game! Do yoga or some stretching to get the breath flowing and get connected to your body. Journaling and declaring daily affirmations and gratitudes are also terrific tools to build self-confidence and express your desires to the universe so they become your reality.

2. Be prepared, but don’t over prepare.

Do the work you need to do to find your way in to your character and get deeply familiar with the sides, but not so much that you are too stuck on your choices. Commit to truthful and specific choices… and still be open to change! Allow for spontaneity in the room and for the director to give you an adjustment you can run with easily.

3. Create an audition tracking system and commit to the habit of journaling after your auditions.

This is a useful tool to observe and measure your patterns and habits. It also helps you keep track of the factual information and your feelings surrounding the audition. It also helps you track how you are getting in the room and which auditions yield the most callbacks and bookings.

4. Have a ‘moment before’ routine that supports a calm and confident audition experience before entering the room.

Maybe you imagine taking your playful, 5 year old little self by the hand and bringing him or her into the room with you so you walk in with an energy that emanates openness, imagination, and great sense of play. It is also really helpful to have a releasing ritual after the audition is over. Maybe you exit the building and then tear up the sides and let them go - send them out in the universe so the audition experience can come back to you as a booking!

5. Ground yourself in the benchmarks of your brand!

Once you clearly and specifically articulate who you are at your essence you are free to walk into any audition full of confidence. Clearly defining your brand empowers you to ground in the special and unique qualities you innately possess and empowers you to openly share your talent with ease. You can also find your brand benchmarks in every role, which naturally creates a distinctive and truthful connection to the character and sets you apart in the audition room. Put your special stamp on it; that’s what directors and casting directors always want to see, YOU!


If you really want to permanently send that Weasel packing and accelerate your audition success, contact me for a coaching consultation! Together we’ll discover your authentic brand and GET YOU WORKING!

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