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How to Choose Audition Material So You Own the Room!


By Amanda Tudor

Happy New Year my fellow artists! As 2015 begins, yes we must talk about our business, our goals, and our strategy. And a huge part of that business is being confident in your auditions. The business work will get you in the door, and then you need to be able to deliver.

Confident auditions begin with solid technique combined with solid brand centric audition material.

Before we can get to choosing the Brand centric audition material we need to be on the same page about brand.

When you know your brand, you can walk into the room knowing how you’re perceived and guess what, your Brand is your essence; it’s what separates you from everyone else. Your brand is your strength set, your passion, what you do well, as well as how others see you, matching the inside and the outside essence.  Your Brand is to be embraced and it's more than type, more than what you’re “casting as.”  Nowadays there are so many markets and niches available to actors, and no matter the market, you need to be able to describe what you sell (Your Product) to casting directors, agents, and your peers.

This is not an overnight discovery, it’s a process that takes time.  Fact is, you’re just guessing if you don't know how you’re perceived by those casting you. If you can't walk into the room confidently, then you don't know your Brand (Your product) and this where you need to begin. The best place to start is with us at Accelerated Artist. We'll teach you how to undergo the process of branding efficiently. It's got to be self guided by you and we'll teach you how to find your team…your people if you will.

Once you know your brand then we can move on to finding the "right" audition material.

Your material is your introduction to the room and the people that can hire you. Basically, you introduce your essence through the material you choose!

Your audition material must reflect the stories that you tell. If you’re funny: do comedy. If you are verbose and witty: find a language piece. Let the auditors know who you are by showing them, not telling them. Consider an audition as a first meeting or date, they want to get to know you and what you do best. Find that “Nice to meet you, this is who I am” song, monologue, or side. The right material will have the room opening up to you.

How do i know if a piece is good for me?

The first thing: do you like your material?  No matter if someone tells you you should do a song or a monologue or a side: do you want to do it?  You’re the one who has to bring the piece to life, and if your brand is you, you have to love you and your material.  We have to feel your passion.  That being said, just because something is hard doesn’t mean that it’s not right for you.  Sometimes the best material takes time and effort.

Be on the look out for red flags:If you answer no to any of the following, it s a red flag on the material.

⁃ Is it showing your genuine self?
⁃ Does the material show your style, your aesthetic, your point of view, your stories?
⁃ Do you like it?
⁃ Is it age appropriate?
⁃ Does it highlight your strengths?

Also, be specific about why you’re choosing the material you do.  Know what it represents and be honest. Does your material do what you need it to do? Why did you choose your material?  What is your reason purpose and strategy for your auditions?  Do people you trust (your inner circle) think it’s a good piece?

I can't choose popular or well know pieces….or can I ?

Just because a piece has been done in a particular way doesn’t mean you can’t have a fresh perspective. Be specific about what you want people to know about you. Maybe a monologue showcases your strength in subtlety, or perhaps your song showcases your amazing bass notes or maybe your side shows ability to find humor in the unlikeliest places. Whatever you choose, make the material your own: be true and genuine in your essence and to yourself. Even in a room of 100 people that look like you, with the same material, no one will bring what you can to the piece. We desire for you to have the confidence and knowing rather than second guessing.

How do you find good material?

Simply: You have to do the work.  Let your brand be your guide....and branding is way more intricate and personal than you may believe.

Read plays, see the plays, listen to soundtracks, listen to YouTube channels, Spotify, iTunes, college showcases, Google around, watch television, see movies, Netflix, Hulu, correspond with writers, visit the library. If you find a writer or a composer who speaks your language, go find what else they’ve done. Or, find a coach and use their resources.

The bottom line?

Showcase what you do best.
Be specific about your reason, purpose, and strategy in your choices.

Choose material that represents your point of view.

If you looked at the bottom line and questioned anything at all about it, then we have some Accelerated work to do in 2015. Here’s to our successful year of being proactive and knowing in your business!

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