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How to be a Social Networking Rock Star

By Jodie Bentley


Ok, we all know we need a social media presence. What does that mean? Social networking is about staying in the loop, building relationships, letting people know what you're up to and providing value to your community.

That sounds good, right? But when you’re running from audition to day job, to coffee meeting, to rehearsal, to putting yourself on tape for an audition, to sleep and then repeating it all – sometimes overwhelm slips in and your social media presence takes a back seat.  And thoughts like these might creep in –

What the heck should I say?

I don’t have time to keep up with it all so I’m not doing it.

Social media for business? I don't even use it for personal.

Well, let’s put a stop to these thoughts and create a system! With a social networking system you'll always have something to say and you can take comfort in knowing there’s structure behind it. A structure for your authentic, value-filled and sometimes shameless self-promotion. Remember, it’s not just your friends out there – it’s your fans, casting directors, directors, producers, etc. If you are not using social media for your acting career you are missing a big opportunity to share your brand, essence and personality with the world.

Before you craft your strategy always remember these two points:

1. Be of service

2. Provide value

Think about it. What posts on FB do you read? What tweets catch your eye? I doubt it is the ones that say “Me me me me me. Look at me!!” I mentioned shameless self-promotion earlier, but there is a way to do it that is coming from a place of being of service, not of ego.

For example, in terms of Being of Service, as opposed to saying –

I just booked an audiobook. So excited I get to record another one!

Maybe reframe it this way –

So excited to voice Stephanie Bond’s latest book Got Your Number. Can’t wait to narrate the words of this funny and smart writer. YAY!

See the difference?  One is all about you and the other is being of service to the author.

When you’re thinking about providing value, what can you post that people might want to learn about or read or engage in. Take the ownership off self and use it as a platform to give back. There is so much noise on FB, Twitter, etc. Why would someone want to follow you? Why would someone want to read your posts? They will if there is a benefit in it for them.

Here's an example of a social media structure that will take the pressure off and give you a theme to the day as well as your posts. As with anything, if you approach social media with consistency, you will have an easier time getting followers and fans and in turn creating your own buzz.

Social Media Strategy:

Monday - Give a shout out to a friend or colleague

Tuesday - Share an article that interests you

Wednesday - Share a success in your life or career

Thursday - Share something funny that has happened to you or an anecdote

Friday - Post a photo of your dog, friend or loved one

Saturday - Share a favorite quote

Sunday - Ok, take Sunday off…we all need a day of rest :)

Remember you’re sharing stuff about your career, yes. But you’re also sharing your viewpoint, things that interest you, things your passionate about AND giving credit to your friends and colleagues! All of these things make up you Brand. People want to know YOU. Not just the perception of you.

It’s time to build your strategy! Use the above as a guideline and create your FB, LinkedIn and/or Twitter structure. Add it to your calendar. You will be a social networking rockstar in no time.

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