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How To Be A Better Agent than Your Agent!


by Megan McDermott

Sick of not getting sent out for things you are right for? Feel your agent doesn’t remember you or you aren’t communicating well? Or, you don't have an agent. How can you get yourself in the room for the roles you really want and are spot on for?

The Truth: Agents get 10% of your paycheck and they have many clients. That means you get 90%! Rightfully so, shouldn’t they be doing 10% of the work to get you the job and you, the actor, 90%? Getting the job is of course about the fabulous acting you do in the audition, but first you must GET the audition! Are you actually even doing 10% to get your own auditions? That’s part of the game! After all, it is your career, not your agents’! So, take charge, get empowered, and make it happen!

Are you obsessed with landing an agent or getting a better one? Are you assuming all your problems will be solved when you get this agent and you will suddenly have appointments for every dream job? Even many actors that have great agents aren’t getting sent out often enough. And having an agent that isn’t well connected or the right fit for you isn’t serving you any more than having no agent.

What can you do for YOURSELF to get in the room?

The most important thing to focus on when pursuing audition opportunities is cultivating positive, long lasting industry RELATIONSHIPS! Relationships with directors, writers, producers, casting directors, and even fellow actors - that’s how you will work consistently. It’s all about who you know! So how do you get to know the people you really need to know?

1. Explore the positive relationships you already have. Meaning: Who do you know? Who else do you know? Who do you know who knows? Often reaching out for a reference or using an industry connection is just the way to get in the room.

2. Reach out to the director/producer/artistic director - directly! This is particularly useful for theatre auditions. Cut out the middle men, even a blind submission to someone who is truly in charge of making the casting decisions (and FYI this is often NOT the casting director) makes all the difference. Creatives appreciate the enthusiasm and passion of fellow creatives!

3. Cultivate relationships with the up and coming! Choose wisely, choose the people who are doing the work you are most passionate about and excel in! You never know when, where, or how the “big break” will come. But, if you are well aligned with the people you really love to work with and doing the work you really love to do - and then BAM it gets seen and heard! BOOM done. You have a new level to grow forward with and even more relationships to cultivate for even more work! Work Begets Work!

4. Align yourself with terrific fellow artists and create your own work! Create Don’t Wait! Again, get back into your passion and challenge yourself creatively; broaden, stretch, deepen. Start to write or produce, make the work you love and believe is an important contribution, the industry will respond! This is a great way to catapult yourself into the spotlight!

5. Volunteer at theatres and on the film sets of your target roles and productions. Offer to be a reader or help behind the scenes on set. This is a terrific way to learn and be a part of the creative team in a low stress, helpful way. When you are focusing more on the project itself and giving of yourself in an open and generous way, the real you will shine through and people on the inside will notice and be grateful. This is a fabulous way to cultivate relationships with well-connected insiders and ALWAYS leads to further opportunities in your acting career as well!


In order to really excel at any of these strategies you must be able to achieve effective and authentic networking. If you want to up your networking game, get confident with your pitch, and create a solid target list and networking strategy, reach out for coaching and accelerate your career to the next level! Schedule a session with me today.

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