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How to Act Savvy & Write A Brand-centric Kick-ass, Killer Bio

By Christina Shipp


Do you freak every time you’re asked for a Bio?

Do you find yourself re-writing it over and over again for every single new project or job-interview?

Does the thought of writing content for your or your company’s website ‘Bio Page’ throw you into overwhelm?

Fear no more. This article is going to teach you how to write a rockin’ Bio: one you will be proud of and use consistently across all platforms to answer the ever dreaded question, ‘Tell Me About Yourself’. Because the world wants to know, & you deserve to share your highest self. Which means telling whatever stories authentically represent you & put your imprint into the world with pride & joy.

The summer is a great time to incubate; the season gets slower for us in the industry, & it’s a great opportunity to flesh out your Success Systems, investigate your Branding, & strategize your Marketing & Networking efforts.

Take the time now to craft ONE Bio that you will use in a Short, Medium, & Long version to share You with the world at large. We’re big fans of not re-creating the wheel. Do it once, so you don’t have to do it again!

You’ll use the short form for networking events, the medium version for show programs and projects where you get a credit and introduction, & the long bio lives on your website & in your press kit.

First: Know that your Bio can tell ANYTHING you like. Don’t feel limited to writing a laundry list of credits you have and shows you’ve done. That’s what your resume is for! Not to mention—it’s boring. Use your Bio to share the stories that show your personality, where you come from, & what makes you unique. Make it Brand-Centric. Write with the words and images you authentically connect to & share your voice. You’re a creative and an entertainer—so think of your Bio as another opportunity to creatively entertain!

Second: Share your strengths! Give yourself permission to brag on your successes & do so unapologetically. Yes, it’s nice to be humble & modest. (Did you know the root word for nice is a French word for ‘foolish’? Yep.) Listen: honoring your strengths isn’t a sign of narcissism, it’s a sign you’re brave enough to know yourself & proud of all your gifts. Be Brave. Act savvy.

Third: Make a decision: Do you use first or third person to craft your Bio? There are no hard & fast rules: decide what fits you best, & rock with that. Some of the most interesting Bios I have read use the first person, & do so joyously and without apology. You have that freedom, so make your decision, & be sure you have a clear Reason, Purpose, & Strategy!

Last: Be Savvy! Remember: you are in charge of letting people know exactly what you wish them to know about you…how awesome! You are the only & true author in the Story of Your Life. So be your own Shakespeare. Sit down with a delicious beverage & a sparkle pen & brainstorm for ten minutes about all of the things in your life that make you feel the most pleasure and pride. Use this as a jumping off point as fodder for your Bio. Don’t judge yourself. Tell your audience who you are, what you want, and where you’re going, & let us celebrate YOU!

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