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How Do You Make Your Mark Before You Get on the Ground?

By Christina Shipp


As summer comes to an end and the fall opens up a world of opportunity, I’ve had a rash of clients of late make big decisions about moving away from the city in which they live—either the trek from NYC to LA or LA to NYC (and of course all the many markets in between), because they're ready for a change, either personally or professionally.

Change is inevitable and often necessary. So how do you do that with ease and impact?

Through practice and observation I've come to find: there is a lot to be done about uprooting and settling down in a new location that really help to make the transition easier. And as we are committed to helping you achieve exactly what it is you want in your life, I put together a precursory plan to help you start brainstorming and implementing before you hit the ground in your new town, and to assure that you do so running. Sometimes, this is EXACTLY what you need when you feel like you are starting all over… in a separate but equal market.

There is a lot of research that can be done ahead of time to ensure your transition is a smooth one, and so if it's on your mind to move and make a big location change—even when it's only the seed of an idea with no timeline in sight—create a support group or mastermind to share resources and keep you focused on your target aim. Find and surround yourself with like-minded people who will keep you accountable to take action, and who are interested in doing so themselves.

When I was planning to leave NYC for LA I knew I would need support. So for nearly a year before my due date I met with a mastermind group that I assembled—all focused on the achievement of a common goal: to trek across the country and to land in Los Angeles with ease and impact. Creating this group was instrumental in garnering resources and information sharing, so we were each optimized with a think tank in front of us, to learn and educate ourselves on topics ranging from industry connection strategies to locations to live.

This will also be helpful for you to get crystal clear on what your chief aim is in moving, the Why behind it all, and give you ample opportunity to practice the explanation. For example: is it a change in your personal life you're after? An evolution or activation to a higher level in your business? Articulate that to yourself and to others. Owning your chief aim and purpose for the move will keep you focused and forward thinking, and inspire others to help you in your courageous journey.

With that goal in mind, reach out to your network. Start informing people about your decision and ask for introductions, recommendations for meetings, and referrals to industry professionals in your field. This is not a go it alone business: no businesses are. Success in every business depends on creating, building, and maintaining relationships to help you achieve your goals.

Once you’ve done your research and know what you want, you can create a strategy and be efficient in your action planning. To grow your business, create a targeted list of industry professionals that are in alignment with your goal and create your connection plan. One of my most successful clients did this by creating a mailed marketing campaign to introduce herself to industry in her field before she even arrived so that when she landed a few months later, because she had the foresight to connect with casting directors who cast for her brand, she was heralded as a go-getter actress with business savvy—something that will always help you stand out. That way, by the time she arrived in Los Angeles she already had plates spinning and connections in the works, and she didn't have to start from square one upon her arrival.

And finally, planning is all well and good, and, at the end of the day, if you aren't taking actions you won't see any results. If you change nothing, nothing will change. So the last phase in manifesting a big leap is truly about trusting your research, network connections, your chief aim, Yourself… and also implementing action steps to move forward.

At some point, you've got to pull the trigger. As I was packing to leave NYC in 2012 I found a journal entry from 6 years earlier that stated very clearly my intention to move to California…except then, I was too afraid to take action. Don’t waste time—it will never be the perfect time. Believe me. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. I urge you, if you feel in your heart or soul it’s time to make a jump…jump. But give yourself an action plan to focus on and implement. Set a date. Do your research. Schedule the meetings. Practice your interview skills with your mastermind group and your business coach. Set your intention and then take the steps necessary to see it come into fruition, with strategy. We’ll be here to help no matter where you land.

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