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Healthy Eats On the Go


by Christina Shipp, VP + Business Coach

We all could use some extra time and some added nutrients, amiRiiiight? You have a real desire to eat healthy, of course, but do you feel like that there just isn't enough time in the day to prep + plan for healthy food? Well say goodbye to the ‘no time’ woes, nutrition lovers. Cause thanks to interest and the @FoodBabe here are some tricks for treats when you're pressed for time and on the go.

First stop: Breakfast.

Is breakfast breaking you? Hard-boil for success! Hard-boiled eggs keep for up to ten days in the fridge, can be prepared ahead of time, and you can grab them and go. Take a couple before you rush out; they transport well and give you protein power to start your day. That coupled with a few figs or sprouted Ezekiel toast will ramp up your fiber intake and now you’ve got yourself slow-burning fuel to keep you running strong all morning long.

Healthy Lunch on the Go? You can have it in an Instant!

Instant is awesome! Traveling with instant miso soup packets is a great way to have a healthy lunch when you’re out and about. Yes-And your fiber and nutritive value by prepping brown or wild rice once a week, and divide it into single servings and storing in jars. You’re now traveling for success with your ready to rock container—you’ll add hot water and your miso soup mixture. Old pickle jars are purrrfect for this, or, save the to-go soup containers you got in your old take-out days. Be creative and add your favorite veggies—what an awesome opportunity to use those greens before they turn! Add kale, mushrooms, cauliflower or spinach to your jars of rice and get ready to pack a punch at lunch.

Snack time? Sweet!

Channel your childhood! Remember afternoons with ants on a log? You don’t need mom to help; you can assemble it anywhere! Buy some celery stalks and throw a few in your bag. Or take an apple with you. Buy a small jar of peanut butter and dip away, darlin! Add a handful of almonds in the mix and you've got a healthy, filling snack, packed with protein, fiber, vitamin E and minerals.

Dinner woes? Not with Joe’s!

I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's, and shop there for both staple items that I turn into snacks and healthy dinner meals to make with minimal effort. It’s good to have something in the freezer to fall back on when you’re powering through epic work sessions in the evening. A few of their more healthy prepared foods: test the chicken potpie, eggplant parm, + veggie lasagna. Yum. Spend some time in their frozen food section. There are a ton of choices for quick meals to pop in the oven (or microwave, if you must) while you're showering, checking emails, or prepping for your evening out. Frozen pizzas will always be there when you need them, they travel well wrapped in foil for tomorrow’s lunch, and you can add fresh veggies to your heart's content for an added nutrient boost.

Think about it—Food for Thought!

Most important, (and as Doug Shapiro would say) enjoy yourself! Eating healthy is delicious. And if you just know a few tricks, and get creative as you learn, you’ll figure out how easy it is to eat well. You just need to spend a little time up front. Shop for success and schedule in batch time to assemble quick and easy treats to eat healthy all week—even when you’re on the run.

One of our highest Values as a company is Balance. Your life informs your art, and because we know that as entertainers and craftsman it is VITAL to maintain your health to have integrity with your success, we feel it’s well deserved. Our coaching programs have a curriculum that is holistic at the core, so here’s to your balance and longevity. May it give you the sustainability and foundation you need for ALL of your career + life success.  Let's chat out your holistic strategy during a free 20 minute coaching session.

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