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Happy Halloween! Don't Become A Ghost In Your Career!

Want to know what it takes to be a working actor?

This free seminar will teach you…

*The 7 Success Principles to use as a framework for your business.

*The secrets of successful actors you admire…and secretly covet.

*How to shift out of lack-based consciousness.

*How to have a business plan and a holistic strategy for your career.

Monday, November 7th, at Actor's Key in Burbank, from 6:30-8:00pm.

Nearly every actor we know who’s dissatisfied with where they are in their career says the same thing: I just want to be working. I want to be a working actor.

What do you really believe about being a working actor in this town, and what do you want from your career right now?

Without judging yourself or having an ego flare, have you been effective in your business?

Are you aligned to a clear vision for your career--one that enhances your life through balance?

If goals are clear, how do you take action and implement systems to support you as you stretch outside of your comfort zone?

Uncover the narrative and missing link that's been historically sabotaging you, RSVP, and show up. You deserve to have results you know your talent supports!