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By Christina Shipp

Level with me. Let's take a temperature.

March is out like a lamb and April is- no foolin'- HERE. Seems like only yesterday we were ringin' in resolutions...where does time go?

Pilot season is nearly over, much of the summer stock opportunities are cast... so? How did your audition season go?

Are the projects you'd started last year finished? The ones you said you'd have completed by now...

Are you happy about the rooms you got in, the authentic connections you made, or were you left by the wayside this season, wondering where time went?

Fact is, you're going to be stuck in the same place until you admit what scares you, get clear, and take action. And you're not getting any younger.

Know what to do and aren't doing it? You lack the motivation + clarity to create your highest game. You're disconnected from your passion to inspire and create. Without it, admin + marketing are drudgery + minutia, never inspiring joy. If there is no joy, there is no consistency, and there is no success. You must re-connect with your big vision + bring focus to your priorities.

Don't know what to do so you do nothing, feeling bitter and jaded, getting frustrated with yourself and 'The Business'?

Trust me when I say there are tricks for your sleeve. There are tons of ways to be creative and run a working-actor business, AND arm yourself with productivity practices and time management tools so you will have a fail-safe system that always brings you back to balance. Your life informs your art, and your art transforms your business. Be strategic and succeed in both.

Stop dragging ass on your future. We’re specialists in helping artists wrangle the careers of their dreams, and we can prove it. Let us help you with yours. Schedule your free intro coaching session today. You deserve better, and you’ve got what it takes. You’re the master of your destiny, and it’s time for next level action. But only if you’re ready to show up for yourself, swallow your pride, and do whatever it takes.

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