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Find the Pony This Holiday Season…and Beyond


By Justin Baker

Yes, it’s the holidays! A time for good cheer, parties and fun. Now, not to be Debbie Downer, but let’s face it, bad things can happen; more accurately things happen. You spilled that coffee all over yourself, you got a parking ticket, you didn’t book that audition… these are just things. The light in which you choose to look at those things determines the outcome they have on your day, month, and most importantly your life.

You choose whether it is a positive or if it is a negative.

There’s a saying I learned awhile back that helps me shift out of the negative headspace and into a more optimistic one. Find the pony. You see, some people walk into a room full of sh*t and say, “Look at all this sh*t.” While others walk into a room full of sh*t, and say, “Where’s the pony?” There’s always a positive way to perceive a situation.

Perception is your greatest enemy and your greatest friend. You decide which one it is. That coffee you spilled could be a reminder you that you need to do laundry. The parking ticket could make you stop and think about how fortunate you are to have a car in the first place. That audition you didn’t book kept you available to get cast for a bigger project later that week AND you got to visit your family for the holiday. You ultimately have the final say on whether or not something has control over your emotions and thus your life.

This holiday season and beyond…Find the pony. It’s out there, you just have to be willing to look for it. 

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