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Fandom and Brandom-Cheering in your Colors


By Career Coach Chris McGahan

Hey there sports fans! If you’re like me, you grew up in a state that didn’t have any professional sports teams, and so your loyalties sort of blew in the wind, depending on what teams from other states were doing well that year. Or maybe you like to pick perennial losers because people are less likely to accuse you of being a fair-weather fan. Or maybe you bleed for fictional sports teams, like the Dillon Panthers or the Blue Mountain State Goats.

So, once you’ve had your colors done, it’s easy to switch allegiances to whatever team’s colors you look best in! Right? Article done… This was easy!

…what’s that? You AREN’T like that? You grew up a true-blue Galaxy fan or Packers fan or (god forbid) a YANKEE fan?

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to support your team AND sport (CLEVER PUN) the colors that make you pop.

So, first thing’s first, if you haven’t gotten your colors done, suck it up and DO IT. (We love Hollywood’s Guru-of-Hue Jill Kirsh!) There is a world of difference between thinking you know what you look best in, and what you actually do. So, do the work. (Fact is, you can wear every single color—it’s the tones of the color that count. So if you’ve lived your entire live saying you can’t wear green or you look great in red know that it’s the shade of each that makes or breaks you, not the color itself.)

Now, do some research. The beautiful thing about the internet-consumer age we live in is that your team has shirts that come in a variety of colors and palettes now. Look here:

None of these are colors tied to the specific teams, and yet they are all readily available with a few short clicks of the mouse.

With a little time and a little focus, you can look your absolute greatest and still have the world know you live and breathe for.

(If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, check out Catherine’s post on Rocking Your Packaging for the times when you are NOT cheering your teams on…)

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