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  • Adulting is Hard

     by Christina Shipp, VP and Biz Coach of Accelerated Artist

     Remember how much you achieved when you were in high school and college? Sure! Good grades—or decent, anyway.   Read More...

  • Thinking Outside the Box

     Featuring Amanda Tudor with Special Guest Maya Stojan


    There is no ONE way to get the career you want. Thinking outside the box will make your journey more interesting and will get you where you want to go faster. Listen to this interview with Maya Stojan for outside the box ways to get the career you’ve always wanted.   Read More...

  • So Many Ways to Book a Dream Job

    by Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Hello Accelerated Artists! Uncle Doug here currently having the time of my life rehearsing for the Off-Broadway production of Once Upon a Mattress. Hilarious cast. Professional environment. MGM-Style musical numbers. It’s truly a dream job. You know what was really sweet about landing this gig?


  • Give the People What They Want

      By Christina Shipp, VP and Accelerated Business Coach


    Get to the root of what really matters! Learn how to share strengths and your value-based brand to create an immediate, authentic impact with the people you meet. Set up a session with me and I'll help you get there.   Read More...

  • LIFE: An Acting 101 Primer- 101d: Objectives

     by Chris McGahan


    Nice to see you again! Today we are talking about Objectives and Obstacles. I loosely touched on Objectives a few posts back in Communication, but today we are getting a little deeper in it. In acting,   Read More...

  • LIFE: An Acting 101 Primer- 101b: Communicating

    By Chris McGahan


    Welcome back! This is part 2 of a series of articles focused around the fundamentals of business success and how, at their core, they are the same skills that we learned in Intro to Acting classes.101a was Listening. Because a huge part of communication IS listening I would recommend starting there before moving forwards with this article.Now that we are hearing deeply and fully the world around us, it’s time to communicate our message outwards.In Acting 101, Communic...

  • I’m not Getting Old….I’m Getting Better

    By Catherine Corcoran, Accelerated Career Coach

    Interview with singer/songwriter Collette McLafferty


     Our Accelerated Career Coach sits down with notable singer/songwriter Collette McLafferty to discuss age discrimination within the entertainment business and how our struggles can inform artists creative marketing platforms. Are you doing everything that you can to succeed in your business? Discover money making strategies that you may have never thought of!  Read More...

  • Healthy Eats On the Go

    by Christina Shipp, VP + Buisiness Coach


    We all could use some extra time and some added nutrients, amiRiiiight? You have a real desire to eat healthy, of course, but do you feel like that there just isn't enough time in the day to prep + plan for healthy food? Well say goodbye to the ‘no time’ woes, nutrition lovers.

  • Welcome to the Real World

    By Amanda Tudor


    There are a few things I wish the Ghost of Amanda Future would've told Dear College Amanda to turn attention to after graduation and starting out in New York City. And because I love and honor that ghost, and because I’m committed to helping actors—one reason why I’m a coach—I want to share a few of those musings with you now.


  • #SocialMedia @MiaPinchoff

    By Mia Pinchoff


     Let’s talk social media. Whether you’re jumping for joy because you dig it or you pooped your pants because you hate it - keep reading! This article isn’t about liking Twitter, or telling you that you should be on Vine - it’s about how you can use social media to promote you and your work. Many actors don’t like taking headshots but they all have 'em #amiright? You wouldn’t walk  Read More...

  • Break or Embrace Your Own Stereotype by Declaring Your Values

    By Doug Shapiro


     It’s the start of the New Year, and if we’re going to accelerate in our careers in 2015, we need to tackle some touchy issues head-on. I’m going to be talking about breaking or embracing stereotypes in our careers. It’s coming from a place of love so, before I dive in, I’m asking your permission to say things incorrectly in the pursuit of better understanding. Recently, one of my favorite podcasts Stuff Mom Never Told You, has been addressing the issu...  Read More...

  • How to Choose Audition Material So You Own the Room!

    By Amanda Tudor

    Happy New Year my fellow artists! As 2015 begins, yes we must talk about our business, our goals, and our strategy. And a huge part of that business is being confident in your auditions. The business work will get you in the door, and then you need to be able to deliver. Confident auditions begin with


  • This Season of Lights, Remember to Honor the Dark

    by Christina Shipp


    As both a Be-er and an extrovert, this time of year with all its Holiday parties and festivus cheer is. my. jam. So trust me: I understand how easy it is to get knocked off your career course when you’re shopping for presents for your million friends and family and over-agonizing what to wear at your fifteenth party of the season.
    Suddenly, all those bright, shiny goals you forged eleven months ago now have the sheen of a rusty penny. Lesigh. What…Career?


  • The Foundation for Your Success

    by Amanda Tudor

    Congratulations! You’ve finished school. No more teachers, no more books….well….not quite.  Even as adults with formal education completed, my clients and myself still roll our eyes at the thought of homework. However, we all need to acknowledge (even begrudgingly) that homework is the foundation for systems, habits and success. So, outside of formal education how does homework exist in a creative life?   Read More...

  • Finding Your Inner Stockard

    By Doug Shapiro


    The “Business” can be frustrating for so many reasons and I’m not going to list them here, you’ve gone over them enough times in your head. It’s time for a mental shift, you fearless actor, you. I hereby challenge you to break the cycle of helplessness and “burn-out” and reignite your passion—that passion that made you first declare, “By gum, I am a Professional!”  How do you reignite that passion?  By doing tangible things that prove you VALUE yourself.   Read More...

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