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  • Don’t Get it Right, Get it Tight

    by Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Biz Coach

    It’s not the last time you’ll hear me say there’s no such thing as Right and Wrong. ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ encourage binary thinking, ignoring any subtleties and variations—not to mention have no relevance when you consider everyone filters information through his or her own perception; one’s definition of right and wrong is therefore completely irrelevant to another. Imagine for a moment the freedom you could have if you let go of your own preconceived notions of what...  Read More...

  • Reignite Your Passion…or 2016 Won’t Matter.


    by Jodie Bentley, CEO of Accelerated Artist

    As a highly organized Type A Virgo, I love the start of the New Year. It’s a clean slate. You get another opportunity to really take risks. You get another chance to fully commit to what you want in your life and in your career. The key is to doing so with determination and grit. So how do you do that when feeling overwhelmed, heavy, or out of control?


  • On Regret, Missed Opportunity + Blooming into a Better You in 2016.

    By Accelerated Artist Veep Christina Shipp

    Here I was yesterday, kicking myself in the foot for missing a Vitacost promotion’s end of year special. I wish you could've heard me, cursing at myself because ‘yet again’ I committed another act of negligence not paying enough attention. Dammit. O! The terrible things I told myself!  I had a huge order queuing up, and was waiting exactly for  Read More...

  • How to Combat Self-Sabatoge + Increase Booking Success!

    By Megan McDermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach 


     Is Your Audition Weasel Sabotaging Your Success? Ever have a weasel try to invade your mind during auditions? Especially for the roles you really want – those passion parts? You know, the negative, insecure voice that says things like: “You’re not good enough” or “They will never cast ME” or the dreaded “What are they thinking?” Sound familiar? This weasel voice often pops into your head during the most high stakes auditions and prevents you from: a. Being present and committed to your choices ...  Read More...

  • How to win at the game...YOUR way

    with Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Business Coach


     Get hung up on being 'right'? Get stalled out on projects because they're not 'perfect' or good enough?' STOP! Instead of beating yourself up for not doing something the 'right' way, give yourself permission to PLAY.   Read More...

  • Don't Give Up!

    With Amanda Tudor, Accelerated Artist Career Coach 


     Challenges: We all face them. Brand new to the business, long career, short career, or successful career new challenges rise to meet us no matter where we are. In this video, I shed some light, with a very special guest star, about finding your place in the business.   Read More...

  • Reignite Fun and Freedom in Your Acting Career

    with Jodie Bentley, CEO of Accelerated Artist

    The ups and downs of this business can take its toll. As we head into the new fall season, how can you find again a sense of play and freedom in your career to  Read More...

  • 5 Things You Control in Your Career

     by Amanda Tudor, Accelerated Career Coach


    In this business, unlike so many other careers, it’s important to remind ourselves what we can do to further our careers. Check out Jodie’s article HERE on dealing with control in your career. So here’s my list of reminders of what you can control today:1.   Read More...

  • How Can You Feel in Control But Not Controlled by Your Career?

    By Jodie Bentley, CEO of Accelerated Artist


    Ever feel like one day you’re on top of our game in this biz and the next your not? That can feel so disempowering and chaotic. What you thought isn't so...

  • The top 5 Ways to Ask for What You Want

     By Christina Shipp, VP + Biz Coach Accelerated Artist


    Do you find yourself giving up your personal power or putting entertainment professionals up on a pedestal? Do you throw yourself into the winds of mercy and behave the way you perceive industry types think you ‘should’? Do you cow-tow in agent or producer meetings, and never express your own point of view?

    I challenge you to answer this: what do


  • Do You WAIT or Do You JUMP?

     by Jodie Bentley


    WAIT. Here’s what that word means to me: Whoa, Am I There? This word, this phrase stalls you out and takes you off our path. It is filled with self-doubt. Just what are you waiting for? There seem to be two schools of thought:   Read More...

  • How Do You Make Your Mark Before You Get on the Ground?

    By Christina Shipp  


    As summer comes to an end and the fall opens up a world of opportunity, I’ve had a rash of clients of late make big decisions about moving away from the city in which they live—either the trek from NYC to LA or LA to NYC (and of course all the many markets in between), because they're ready for a change, either personally or professionally. Change is inevitable and often necessary. So how do you do that with ease and impact?   Read More...

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