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  • End The Networking Nightmare!

     by Megan McDermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    How to confidently create authentic relationships with your key industry!Success in the entertainment industry is all about creating and MAINTAINING relationships. But, how?Does going to networking events and feeling like you have to “sell” yourself freak you out, shut you down, or make you feel “icky” and inauthentic? As actors and creative souls, truth is so vital to our being that the networking piece, while so vital to getting the gigs...  Read More...

  • Pull On Your Big Kid Pants

    by Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Career Coach

    Hello Accelerated Artists! Doug here with some great news. You’re allowed to make money at your craft. The work we bring into the world is crucial. We offer perspective. We inspire reflection. We bring our buyers from despair to elation and everywhere in between. Our craft is immense and our gift is


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