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Doug Shapiro - Career Coach

Doug is amazing! He really helped me jumpstart my focus and goals when I was daunted at the prospect of entering yet another busy audition season. It paid off because I was able to book my Broadway debut! He is kind and supportive and a great connector of people. You couldn't ask for a better coach and friend." 
–Charissa Bertels  

"The foundation I work at experienced unexpected senior leadership changes. The formulating team i am a part of was directly affected. I needed to quickly acquire skills to help me successfully adapt to changed leadership changes. In his affable, non threatening but effective way, Doug coached me through a few scenarios to help me do my best work during a particularly stressful time."
- Cheryl Dudley



Doug takes great pride in helping clients master their careers. He is renowned for his ‘FODapalooza’ networking events and monthly e-newsletters. Doug's eight years with Right Management, a company that provides career management services, provided the foundation for his expertise in self-marketing, interviewing and networking techniques. Doug is a guest lecturer on the business of acting at colleges extending from the University of Southern Maine, to Pace University in NYC to Villanova University to Virginia's Shenandoah Conservatory.

As a performer, Doug is an expert at creating multiple characters for new musical and voiceover projects and his other work ranges from performing with a fifteen piece 1940’s big band to voicing several characters for Disney’s Finding Nemo: The Musical. Doug graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theater, Vocal Jazz, and Stage Management and has been working steadily in the Boston and New York City markets ever since. His cat is Ricky. His bird is Lucy. His husband is Shawn.