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Don’t Fear the ReBrand: 5 Successful Rebranding Campaigns


By Amanda Tudor

2015 is coming to an end. For many of us, the new year will bring about lots of change. Change is scary. Period. You’re asked to step outside of your comfort zones and branch out into uncharted territory. When your life or career asks you to reframe and refocus, I challenge you to take a breath and step bravely into the unknown.

Whether your brand has changed due to your haircut, beard growth, new age, acceptance of self or the million other amazing changes possible…keep the faith, stay true to yourself and when in doubt, remember these other brands who went through the same growing pains.

We all recognize the black, tan and red checkered pattern, whether you’re a fashionista or not. In England, Burberry was a favorite of gang members and hooligans; however, due to some new design, labels and marketing embracing their history with Emma Watson and Kate Moss, the label was reborn and sales increased!

From yesteryear’s unhealthy image that was portrayed in “Super Size Me,” to the salads and health conscious, lower priced image of today, McDonalds paid attention to what the consumers were saying and repackaged. They even upgraded their coffee along with their slogans and marketing.

I remember watching TV Land during the summer with my mom watching reruns of “I Love Lucy,” “I Dream of Jeannie” and all the other notorious TV shows of time gone by. Today, TV Land is filled with new shows like “Younger” with Sutton Foster and “The Jim Gaffigan Show,” even a dark comedy “Impastor” with Michael Rosenbaum. After an exec exited after 27 years of leadership, a move to edgier shows for the next generation is in full swing.

Southwest Airlines made some bold moves in the past few years and although some of these rebranding techniques are subtle, they are certainly effective. It all comes down to the rainbow heart, which hits the essential core the company is trying to portray. That image suggests customer service is at the heart of the airline with more care than the other airlines. The design is completely unique to Southwest. The heart has worked for millions of Americans exhibited by the boost in their sales, did it work on you?

Matthew McConaughey
Everyone can do a McConaughey impression. He’s a household name. However, in the middle of his career he spent a lot of his career in rom coms and posing as “Sexiest Man Alive.” And then a few years ago, he broke off into independent films such as “Magic Mike,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” and “Killer Joe.” At 44, he decided his days of playing the romantic lead were over and wanted to transition to a new phase in his career. He had a reason, purpose and strategy for his transition.

So how will you transition in 2016? How do you maintain your authentic self in a different phase? Ask yourself the important questions and stay ahead of your marketing curve. Remember, casting Directors and Agents want to help you. Help them out by lining up your brand with who walks in the door and embracing who you are at your core.

Alright, Alright, Alright.

If you need help asking those hard questions or need an accountability partner as you transition to your new brand, I’m here to help! Schedule a free 20 minute session and we’ll make sure the needle still points to your true self.

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