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Don’t be a Clickhole


By Chris McGahan

Ah, the new year….That bright and shiny time when everything seems possible and the world is your oyster. So you’re geared up, ready to go, and you sit down at your computer to accomplish all of those things you need to have done online to conquer Hollywood, New York or wherever you may be!

And then twenty minutes or two hours later realize that you have done nothing productive at all, but are finally caught up on all the cat videos the internet can offer. You’re suffering from Internet Amnesia.

That’s the thing about the internets; They are somewhere between the Swamp of Sorrows and Willy Wonka’s Factory. It’s an endless morass of wonder: ROUSs, lightning sand, a chocolate river manned by Oompa Loompas- You can find anything you need, find anyone you know, and learn more than you ever expected, all without leaving your home.

But not all knowledge is productive knowledge. And often “learning” things online can be a distraction from tackling the tasks on your To Do list, and moving your career forward.

And that listless surfing? That is what makes someone a clickhole. And that is NOT what you want to be! Rise above being a clickhole. Stand out from the crowd. Be someone who is productive and focused and stays on task, planning to get ahead in your career, and NOT someone who squanders the gift of time that has been given to them whining about the opportunities they are not getting.

So, don’t be a Clickhole.

“I don’t want to be a clickhole Chris! So what do we do to avoid it??” you may be saying.

So, before *I* sit down to surf, I do three things. I make a list of what I need to accomplish on the webs of worldwide-ness and I set a timer.

“Chris! That’s only two!” I know, faithful reader… I know. The third is the most important, and so I was saving it for a new paragraph: I reward myself for accomplishing the things I set out to do.

Ok, for example, if you need to: script out two pages, look up historical references for a docu-drama, upload a new clip to Youtube, and send out emails to prospective agents, write those things down on your list. Your list can work however you work best. For this example, perhaps so:





John Q Adams early life

2 Page Webseries Episode

Respond to Agent A

Videos on Youtube

Cat habits and phobias

Script Bible for JQA story

Followup with Dream Manager A

Links to Kickstarter campaign



Schedule session with super-coach Chris McGahan

Find new webmaster

(You may also want to check out The Daily 6, GTD, or any of our other recommended organization systems for other productivity ideas)

Then we’ll set a timer. There’s a lot on the list: obviously some prioritization is in order. But today you know that you have 90 minutes to focus on knocking some of these things off the list. So, the timer is set for 90 minutes. Key on this example list? John Q Adams research and responding to the Agent and Manager.

Now, knowing you the way I do, I know that you LOVE researching and can easily get lost in it. It is also a big priority- that docu-drama isn’t going to write itself! And yet, it is also critical to respond to the Agent that reached out to you and staying on your communication schedule with the dream manager. So, since those correspondences will most likely take less time, knock those out first. Then you have the remainder of your time to focus heavily on your research without worrying about squeezing in those emails.

Ninety minutes later, your timer has gone off, your tasks are completed (maybe there is more research to do? But you have knocked out a big chunk of it!) So, look, let’s reward ourselves a bit.

Everyone has a different thing that jazzes them: maybe it’s stalking a crush on FB: maybe its liking every picture of balloons on Instagram: maybe it’s finding out what amazing sale Nordstrom’s is having. Give yourself 5-10 minutes, and unleash your inner interneter. Take the leash off for a bit to unwind, before running off to your next appointment, whatever it may be.

The best thing about rewarding yourself is you can see what all the Clickholes out there were doing while you were crushing your task list and accelerating your career.

Wanna increase your productivity and output? Schedule an appointment now and let’s get cracking on producing the life you always worked for.

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