by Amanda Tudor

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Do YOU Know What Your Patterns Are?


By Amanda Tudor
I love running.


I love running in the parks, races in crazy places like Disney, or with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. I even like watching marathons (I know it's kind of like watching golf, hey, I think it's exciting). Then I got serious about running. Talked to some experts, bought some good shoes, read some books and started setting race goals. I wanted to run more after small races pretty quickly and started setting my sights higher.

This series of steps sounds like the actions I took to start running my acting career.

And it's not a coincidence...

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

My mentor told me this a while back and even though I wanted to argue, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I really do agree. I became aware of just how consistent I am:

I am a goal oriented person; whether I'm running a race or targeting a role, I set specific goals. I'm on time to everything…everything. I have always been a talkative person and genuinely interested in where people have come from and where they're going; I can chat with anyone for at least 5 minutes so meeting new people, networking events, or an agent interview are equally natural to me. All great strengths. However, I also have a tendency to rush the process of..well..everything; be it cooking or rehearsing or building a website, I want to make things happen quickly and sometimes oversee important steps.

Because I know this pattern, I know to slow down, to relax myself with deep breaths, and put distance between myself and my projects so I can see what steps I may be missing or rushing.

So here's my question:

What are your patterns? Is it possible that how you run your career is how you run your relationships, your money, your goals, or your hobbies?

Do you respond to your friends, co-workers, and peers positively in the same positive manner you treat yourself? Conversely, and perhaps even more importantly, do you treat yourself in the warm affirmative nature you bestow on your friends?

Do you remember to floss regularly like you remember to work out every day?

What's your attitude toward money: do you save your money or are you more likely to spend the money you have?

Where else does that pattern pop up? Ask yourself the questions and you'll learn a lot about yourself with the answers.

So, now that you see your patterns, how can you make those patterns work for you?

Patterns aren’t necessarily a good or a bad thing, however: it is vital to recognize and work with them instead of against them.

If going to the gym every single day is daunting, experiment with what how often per week or per month works for you. If you’re a spender of money and are looking to save, set up a bank account that automatically sets aside some dollars. If you find yourself hesitating and putting off a class for “some day,” map out some actionable steps to make that happen for yourself….today.


Sounds familiar? Need help making your patterns work for you? I can help! Shoot me an email, we’ll set aside 20 minutes to chat about what’s next for you!

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