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Christina Shipp - Career Coach

"Christina’s valuable coaching and advice have given me a greater, more concrete idea of the hardest step in my career process…the next ones. Her knowledge and wisdom of personal branding, marketing, and finances is essential not only for actors, but for all creatives. As a visual artist, I spend much of my time in abstracts and daydreams, which rarely translates to clear, concise career goals. Her gentle guidance and practical wisdom has been indispensable for creating actionable steps in my chosen career. In a matter of hours I feel i got caught up on years of knowledge that I was missing from liberal arts education.”
-Lex Voight, Photographer 

“Christina wants to bring the true YOU out in her branding sessions, not the “YOU” others think you 'should' be. Working with her is honest, thoughtful and powerful, and it has already shifted how I approach my career AND brought more joy to the process–-literally minutes after working with her. You’ll know moments in to working with Christina, she genuinely wishes for your success.”
–Keisha Zollar, Actress, Orange is the New Black 

"My Accelerated Coach Christina really pushed me to the next level. The only thing more impressive than Christina's professionalism is her genuine interest in my success and well being. When she encouraged me to literally write down my aspirations for my professional AND personal life, I was finally able to take real, concrete steps leading me to accomplish those goals. Christina helped me realize that not only was I capable of achieving much more than I already have, but moreover, that I DESERVED it. The tools Christina and Accelerated have given me to take the next major steps in my career are ones that I was not able to cultivate on my own. The tools I have acquired are both literal and metaphysical. I could not have done this on my own, and maybe the greatest gift I've learned is that it IS OK to ask for help. And there's really no price tag I can put on that gift."
-Mel Kel, Actress + Project Manager Genius

"I have Christina to thank for having less BS in my life. It was almost too easy. She told me that the experience of working with my business had intrinsic value... and it turns out she was right! People lined up to jump on board. Now I have time to concentrate on what matters and I'm also giving young upstarts the opportunity to see what working in the industry is like.” 
-Sasha Brown, Lead Guitar, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds 

Christina is a well of positivity, love, and inspiration. I feel like a caterpillar turned into a butterfly because of her. She motivates me on all levels. My work, my character, my discipline. 
-Brian Rogers, writer, filmmaker, director