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Chase the Yes's + Stop the Knows: Why What You Know is Killing You

by Christina Shipp

3 of the most dangerous words in the English language are: I Know That.

Conjure an image of a Know-It-All.

Someone who believes they know everything. The person who won’t have an open mind for one second about anything other than their own staunch, rigid opinion or their old, stalemate belief.

Got a picture yet?

Now Ask: Do you like that person?

Now I want you to picture that Know-It-All person is YOU.

Because let’s be real: it has been you. You’re human. And because the ego is a part of the human experience, it’s easy to get caught up protecting the beliefs you have and you hold.

It’s also admirable to be connected to your passions, and to your beliefs. Kudos for sharing them with others with conviction! Just be sure, however, when you’re doing so, you’re asking more questions than making assumptions. You’re engaging with depth and discourse instead of having judgmental silent conversations with yourself.

Fact is, when you think you know everything you stop letting in new information.
You engage in binary, black + white thinking about what you understand to be right and wrong, good and bad, true and false.

What you ‘know’ is right. You know it, so you stop looking for solutions. You stop seeing possibilities. You get so practiced on focusing on what isn’t, you can’t even see creative options right in front of your face. (I get it—I do. Just ask my steady how long he had to wait before I caught up to my senses and said yes.)

I hear this all the time from actors—actors who never move forward and get coaching, who never invest in getting the right kind of education, and truly, the very education they actually need to experience the shift their spontaneous soul is craving and crying out for.

These actors tell me I Know That in response to every tip, suggestion, positive re-enforcement and encouragement I offer.

Sometimes I smile and move on—I’ll be honest, sometimes I roll my inner eye. Sometimes, tho, because curiosity is one of my highest vales, because I love my job, because I’m truly baffled why people insist they know everything when they’ve spent the last half hour complaining about results which highlight they so clearly actually don’t, I’ll ask:

When was the last time you tried it?

Have you ever done anything differently?

How much have you invested to get a different return?

And I’ll get blinks and vacant stares.

Truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know. But if you stop asking good questions, meaningful ones, and don’t actually care about getting answers and results, you’ll never get your mind open to the suggestions and opportunities that highlight what you’re seeking to uncover. Which then keeps you from acting on what pushes you in the direction you need to achieve your highest self.

And if you’re not really ready to shake it up, put pedal to the metal, and have the courage and conviction in your capabilities to take a leap into the unknown of what you don’t yet know, stop complaining.

Awareness + Understanding are the first two steps to change. The third is action.

So what small action can you take?

· Be open.
· Start listening with your heart.
· Listen with the same focus you give to your scene partner when you’re in front of lights.

How do you DO that?

Chase the Yes, my darling. Do what your UCB and Groundlings training inspires you to do: say Yes.

Say Yes to the possibility that scares you. Say Yes to the investment opportunity you believe you can’t afford. Say Yes to the person who keeps asking you to go on a hike, because that person believes in you.

And first, say Yes to the belief that you are good enough to get what you want. Only then will you have the ignition you need to seek out the knowledge to achieve it. The only reason you feel any confusion, lethargy, or fog is because there is something you just don’t know. Be open and be honest with yourself and with others. Your Yes is waiting for you once you do.  Let's connect over a free 20 minute intro session! 

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