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Bring the Game to Your Game

By Doug Shapiro

Hello Beautiful People! Doug here, reporting from the battlefront of physical fitness.

Weight Watchers has not approved this article. However, talking about how their system worked for me is a key part of this sharing.

Hopefully they’ll decline to send lawyers but will decide to send me free dinners.

And a pony.

But I digress.

I’ve been on Weight Watchers for a month and have dropped twelve pounds. The system reframes eating choices in a way that helps me dodge resentment about what I can’t eat. I can eat what I want, but the trick is to not exceed a certain number of points per day. There are also little bits of forgiveness built in, such as a set number of additional points that can be tapped into during the week and the fact that fruit and vegetables are always zero points.

I realized it’s like a game of 21. Get as close as you can to the magic number without going over and without starving yourself because you only ate two pieces of cake during the day. This is fun for me. I’m having a good time. And I’m feeling great in a healthier body as a result.

So, how can I apply a system that engages all the game-playing parts of my brain for my physical health and translate it to my artistic health?

How you do one thing is how you do every thing, right?

Someone with my sense of game play could use a point system. I could assign a point value to various career tasks.

· Audition-5 points
· Mailing to an Industry contact-3 points; 5 points for a group mailing
· Doing an actual gig: 15 points
· Researching theatre seasons/production companies: 2 points

To win, I have to achieve 20 points worth of career tasks per day.

Hey, perhaps some more specific aspect of your career needs some nurturing…

Attention to your craft being left out? Assign point values to:

· Classes taken
· Shows seen for inspiration
· How-to-videos watched
· Monologues rehearsed

Need more attention to the financial backbone of your career?

· Investment research
· Monthly bank statement balanced
· Money saved
· Spreadsheet created

How is your relationship building going?

· Facebook posts reinforcing your brand
· Retweeting posts by Industry professionals
· One-on-one informational meeting
· Networking events attended

A point system is just one of so many examples. What in your life is working for you? What games do you love to play?

I challenge you to translate it into a game plan for your career.

In fact, I DOUBLE DOG dare you!

Let’s add a sense of play to your business with a 20-minute coaching session!

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