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  • Don’t Fear the ReBrand: 5 Successful Rebranding Campaigns

      By Amanda Tudor, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    2015 is coming to an end. For many of us, the new year will bring about lots of change. Change is scary. Period. You’re asked to step outside of your comfort zones and branch out into uncharted territory. When your life or career asks you


  • 5 Reasons to Talk to an Expert

     by Amanda Tudor, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    I don’t know about you, but every day I am inundated with emails on classes, seminars, and opportunities. Sometimes you delete every one of them. Sometimes you want to do them all. Sometimes you just need a little help.

    So how do you know when to seek out help and talk to an expert? Here’s my list on why talking to an expert is the right move:


  • 5 Things to Consider Before RE-Shooting Headshots

    by Amanda Tudor, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    So it’s time to update the old headshot…before you do anything consider these 5 things (or check out the guide to headshots HERE):1. Get Specific About Brand -Before you book the photographer, start picking out clothes and practicing in the mirror, start to think about who you are and how your picture can communicate that. What other actors do you relate to?   Read More...

  • What you need to know BEFORE you graduate: Part 2

     By Doug Shapiro



    Hello Business Owners! Here comes part 2 of 3 of Business Lovin’ for our College Pros. Again, these actual questions are from the next generation of Accelerated Business Owners, my master class students at Shenandoah Conservatory and James Madison University.Theme for this article: your Product.“Should you alter your image/clothing style based on what others (truthfully) perceive you as so that you can be successful in the business?”  Read More...

  • Do You Stand out?

    by Sam Christensen


    A successful career in the arts and especially in the performing arts is difficult to think about as a product. After all, a human being is involved. Such a career is usually the result of a life-long desire to tell stories to an audience. I’ll bet that wanting to be on the stage or the screen is featured in your earliest memories. Sometimes there is support from your friends and family, sometimes not. The preparation necessary to an actor is specific and requires

  • Top Tips for a Rockin' Reel

    Accelerated LOVES Kristina Latour, of Latour de Force Productions! She specializes in producing high-quality, custom performance, BRAND Centric reels + clips for film and TV.  Knowing just how important it is for actors to have quality content to showcase who they are and what they do, we sat down with Kristina and asked her a few questions about how to get after some GREAT material for your marketing arsenal. Here's what she had to say:


  • How to Rock Your Packaging… and get Accelerated Results!

    By Catherine Corcoran



    Listen, I love clothes just as much as the next girl- and I'd be lying if I told you about how I don't revel in the immediate therapy brought on by a killer new pair of shoes. Still, in a business where we feel the constant pressure of judgment surrounding   Read More...

  • How to Act Savvy & Write A Brand-centric Kick-ass, Killer Bio

    By Christina Shipp


    Do you freak every time you’re asked for a Bio? Do you find yourself re-writing it over and over again for every single new project or job-interview? Does the thought of writing content for your or your company’s website ‘Bio Page’ throw you into overwhelm? Fear no more. This article is going to teach you how to write a rockin’ Bio: one you will be proud of and use consistently across all platforms to answer the ever dreaded question, ‘Tell Me About Yourself...  Read More...

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