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  • Have you Met Catie and Mia?


    The career you want is out there. However, your success will always be random and rare until you give yourself a strategy & a plan to achieve it.With Accelerated Coaching, we guarantee you'll shave years off your learning curve. It will motivate you to take action and LAUNCH your career to the next level.


  • #SocialMedia @MiaPinchoff

    By Mia Pinchoff


     Let’s talk social media. Whether you’re jumping for joy because you dig it or you pooped your pants because you hate it - keep reading! This article isn’t about liking Twitter, or telling you that you should be on Vine - it’s about how you can use social media to promote you and your work. Many actors don’t like taking headshots but they all have 'em #amiright? You wouldn’t walk  Read More...

  • Cliff Notes on Kickin' Ass at Casting Director Workshops

     by Mia Pinchoff


    You found a class with a casting director and paid for it. Boom - done!

    Well, not exactly…

    Paying to meet casting directors can be a great tool for actors to connect with their targeted network. It can also be a big waste of money. Nine times out of ten actors don’t take full advantage of these meetings. Time to change that!


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