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  • End The Networking Nightmare!

     by Megan McDermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    How to confidently create authentic relationships with your key industry!Success in the entertainment industry is all about creating and MAINTAINING relationships. But, how?Does going to networking events and feeling like you have to “sell” yourself freak you out, shut you down, or make you feel “icky” and inauthentic? As actors and creative souls, truth is so vital to our being that the networking piece, while so vital to getting the gigs...  Read More...

  • Permission to Soar!

    by Megan Mcdermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your acting career?
    Do you get insecure and feel like you are holding back?

    There are most likely a barrage of ways you stand in the way of your own success…do you recognize


  • How To Be A Better Agent than Your Agent!

     by Megan McDermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Sick of not getting sent out for things you are right for? Feel your agent doesn’t remember you or you aren’t communicating well? Or, you don't have an agent. How can you get yourself in the room for the roles you really want and are spot on for? The Truth: Agents get 10% of your paycheck and they have many clients. That means you get 90%! Rightfully so, shouldn’t  Read More...

  • How to Stay Motivated Towards Success in 2016

    By Megan McDermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    As the new year approaches, it’s typical to look back on the past year and evaluate what you’ve accomplished as an actor. Well…..has this thought crossed your mind?“Gosh, I’ve been working so hard, submitting for everything on Actors Access and Backstage, going to every EPA, and doing as many CD workshops and Agents showcases as possible, and I have so little to show for all my hard work!” It can be so frustra...  Read More...

  • How to Combat Self-Sabatoge + Increase Booking Success!

    By Megan McDermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach 


     Is Your Audition Weasel Sabotaging Your Success? Ever have a weasel try to invade your mind during auditions? Especially for the roles you really want – those passion parts? You know, the negative, insecure voice that says things like: “You’re not good enough” or “They will never cast ME” or the dreaded “What are they thinking?” Sound familiar? This weasel voice often pops into your head during the most high stakes auditions and prevents you from: a. Being present and committed to your choices ...  Read More...

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