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  • The Gift of Mentorship

    By Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    When I was a wee Shakespeare stripling at the Theater at Monmouth back in the ‘90s, it was Jeremiah Kissel who checked on our merry band of Interns. He would volunteer time from his considerably busy Shakespeare-in-rotating-rep schedule to make sure that our generation of actors was learning the needed skills to build our own technique. “Who needs to learn how to make facial hair pieces? Sit down, I’m going to   Read More...

  • SIX WAYS to say “Thank You” on Social Media in Less than SIX MINUTES!

     By Catherine Corcoran, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    At Accelerated Artist, we have the pleasure of being able to share our content with students studying in conservatories and colleges all over the country- and we LOVE it! It is beyond incredible to connect with so many talented artists at so many different stages of their creative careers.Not being far removed from the collegiate system myself- undergraduate students particularly perk my excitement as their hunger and determination is at an unmatchable high… and it sho...  Read More...

  • A Happy Gratitude Filled Thanksgiving

    By Jodie Bentley & Christina Shipp, CEO and VP of Accelerated Artist


    The holidays are now upon us! Keep in mind the true meaning of the holidays this season. Gratitude is an attitude after all.  Read More...

  • Need A Jump Start?

     By Doug Shapiro

    Accelerated Artist, prepare yourself for madness. After all, today is the 47th day of 2015. Are you on track with your goals? You resolutions? Your desires? Well…we’re going to go a little crazy here.

    Just for today, I’m giving you permission to


  • Gratitude=Abundance

     by Jodie Bentley


    My gosh this year has flown by. As the holidays approach, look back on this year and examine all there is to be grateful for. I know, I know - every newsletter in your inbox this month is about being grateful – I just  Read More...

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