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  • Don’t Fear the ReBrand: 5 Successful Rebranding Campaigns

      By Amanda Tudor, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    2015 is coming to an end. For many of us, the new year will bring about lots of change. Change is scary. Period. You’re asked to step outside of your comfort zones and branch out into uncharted territory. When your life or career asks you


  • Give the People What They Want

      By Christina Shipp, VP and Accelerated Business Coach


    Get to the root of what really matters! Learn how to share strengths and your value-based brand to create an immediate, authentic impact with the people you meet. Set up a session with me and I'll help you get there.   Read More...

  • Why You Must Read The New Yorker

    By Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Hello Accelerated Artists! Uncle Doug here with a very simple tip to enrich your business: Subscribe to The New Yorker. Yes, it’s true that the Shouts and Murmurs section at the beginning will enhance your own storytelling. Yes, it is also true that reading in-depth articles on topics outside of your usual form of artistic expression can only enhance the work you do, not to mention make you way more well-rounded in an agent interview. And the yessiest...  Read More...

  • Fandom and Brandom-Cheering in your Colors

     By Chris McGahan


    Hey there sports fans! If you’re like me, you grew up in a state that didn’t have any professional sports teams, and so your loyalties sort of blew in the wind, depending on what teams from other states were doing well that year. Or maybe you like to pick perennial losers because people are less likely to accuse you of being a fair-weather fan.

  • Break or Embrace Your Own Stereotype by Declaring Your Values

    By Doug Shapiro


     It’s the start of the New Year, and if we’re going to accelerate in our careers in 2015, we need to tackle some touchy issues head-on. I’m going to be talking about breaking or embracing stereotypes in our careers. It’s coming from a place of love so, before I dive in, I’m asking your permission to say things incorrectly in the pursuit of better understanding. Recently, one of my favorite podcasts Stuff Mom Never Told You, has been addressing the issu...  Read More...

  • How to Choose Audition Material So You Own the Room!

    By Amanda Tudor

    Happy New Year my fellow artists! As 2015 begins, yes we must talk about our business, our goals, and our strategy. And a huge part of that business is being confident in your auditions. The business work will get you in the door, and then you need to be able to deliver. Confident auditions begin with


  • Top Tips for a Rockin' Reel

    Accelerated LOVES Kristina Latour, of Latour de Force Productions! She specializes in producing high-quality, custom performance, BRAND Centric reels + clips for film and TV.  Knowing just how important it is for actors to have quality content to showcase who they are and what they do, we sat down with Kristina and asked her a few questions about how to get after some GREAT material for your marketing arsenal. Here's what she had to say:


  • How to Rock Your Packaging… and get Accelerated Results!

    By Catherine Corcoran



    Listen, I love clothes just as much as the next girl- and I'd be lying if I told you about how I don't revel in the immediate therapy brought on by a killer new pair of shoes. Still, in a business where we feel the constant pressure of judgment surrounding   Read More...

  • How to be a Social Networking Rock Star

    By Jodie Bentley


    Ok, we all know we need a social media presence. What does that mean? Social networking is about staying in the loop, building relationships, letting people know what you're up to and providing value to your community. That sounds good, right?   Read More...

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