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  • The Gift of Mentorship

    By Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    When I was a wee Shakespeare stripling at the Theater at Monmouth back in the ‘90s, it was Jeremiah Kissel who checked on our merry band of Interns. He would volunteer time from his considerably busy Shakespeare-in-rotating-rep schedule to make sure that our generation of actors was learning the needed skills to build our own technique. “Who needs to learn how to make facial hair pieces? Sit down, I’m going to   Read More...

  • Claim Your Space!

    by Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach 


    Last week I was knocked off my feet by phenomenal talent. One of those instances in which their example paves the way to an artistry I can only hope to achieve myself one day.It wasn’t a singer belting to the rafters. It wasn’t an intimate breathtaking performance by a movie actor. It wasn’t a dancer drumming out his story through his tap shoes. It was a Human Resources manager claiming her space. Allow me to explain. I work for an excellent  Read More...

  • Find the Pony This Holiday Season…and Beyond

     By Justin Baker, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    Yes, it’s the holidays! A time for good cheer, parties and fun. Now, not to be Debbie Downer, but let’s face it, bad things can happen; more accurately things happen. You spilled that coffee all over yourself, you got a parking ticket, you didn’t book that audition… these are just things. The light in which you choose to look at those things determines the ...  Read More...

  • LIFE: An Acting 101 Primer - Acting 101f: Playing the Ending

     By Chris McGahan, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    Ooooeeee, child! It’s fall. That seems like a perfect time of year to talk about the next acting life section: Playing the Ending.  Playing the Ending is when an actor comes onto the playing space already in the emotional state of/or reacting to the world as if  Read More...

  • LIFE: An Acting 101 Primer - 101c: Given Circumstances


    Welcome back to my Acting/ Life 101 primer.So far, I have talked about Listening and Communication - two basic building blocks of the craft of acting AND having a successful, productive life.This week, I am talking about Given Circumstances.Depending on where you studied, Given circumstances can include a lot of different things, but generally speaking, it is comprised of   Read More...

  • Healthy Eats On the Go

    by Christina Shipp, VP + Buisiness Coach


    We all could use some extra time and some added nutrients, amiRiiiight? You have a real desire to eat healthy, of course, but do you feel like that there just isn't enough time in the day to prep + plan for healthy food? Well say goodbye to the ‘no time’ woes, nutrition lovers.

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