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  • Find the Pony This Holiday Season…and Beyond

     By Justin Baker, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    Yes, it’s the holidays! A time for good cheer, parties and fun. Now, not to be Debbie Downer, but let’s face it, bad things can happen; more accurately things happen. You spilled that coffee all over yourself, you got a parking ticket, you didn’t book that audition… these are just things. The light in which you choose to look at those things determines the ...  Read More...

  • A Happy Gratitude Filled Thanksgiving

    By Jodie Bentley & Christina Shipp, CEO and VP of Accelerated Artist


    The holidays are now upon us! Keep in mind the true meaning of the holidays this season. Gratitude is an attitude after all.  Read More...

  • Gratitude=Abundance

     by Jodie Bentley


    My gosh this year has flown by. As the holidays approach, look back on this year and examine all there is to be grateful for. I know, I know - every newsletter in your inbox this month is about being grateful – I just  Read More...

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